love at first sight

sick bed 1

I think I am in love.

I know I am in love.

We only met today, but I know that I am totally besotted.

I told Mr FD as soon as I returned home.

“I found the perfect – doctor!”

Since we moved to the Village we have struggled with finding a suitable family doctor. We tried one local clinic and though they bulk billed (no cost to patient) they were very militant about only giving you ten minutes and not a nanosecond more. The one doctor that we had been recommended rarely made eye contact and had no interest in creating any relationship or hearing past medical history. He wears a bad toupee and the few times I was there I came nearer and nearer to telling him he looked pathetic.

So, whenever possible I have been driving back to the City to see my doctor there, but that is an hour away. Not quite the best solution when I am really sick.

So when a colleague suggested a doctor at a nearby clinic I was quite eager to try. She told me that there was a female doctor who she visited and was impressed with.

I was a little disappointed this morning when I phoned to make an appointment and was told that she was fully booked – what, it was only a Monday in the busy flu season! There was another doctor I could see though.

And that is how we met.

As it was my first visit, he took a full medical history and checked all my “vital signs”; all without insulting my intelligence, and with a sense of humour! He was very thorough, perhaps a little too – he insisted on removing two moles before I left. I must have been with him for over an hour before I left with four stitches and a song in my heart. A doctor who cares!

He must have the right touch as when he took my blood pressure, the usual white coat syndrome didn’t click in and my blood pressure was absolutely normal. Proof he is the doctor for me!

And he bulk bills too!


[On the health front, I have been given antibiotics and another day off work. High temp and rattle in the chest clinched the deal. Last night the only way I could sleep was to sit up!  Poor Mr FD and Augie Dog suffered all night along with my hacking cough]

sick bed

a swill brew

tea blue

Shuffling about the house, discovering and resettling crumpled tissues in various pockets and sleeves, I have taken to muttering to myself.

“This is so unfair, this is terrible, I can’t go on, I am over this, oh dear, oh my, that hurts,” punctured by sneezes that frighten Augie Dog and cause him to race excitedly up and down the hall and about the room, as well as coughs that can only end in the regurgitation of both lungs and stomach contents, and perhaps a sizeable portion of my circulatory system.

Minerva got me, or maybe it was the pig swill of germs at the pharmacy last week, but my defences have been breached. I have flu.

I have been in bed for the most of five days now, coughing, snuffling, head aching, in a semi coma from my medicine cabinet cocktail mix. I moan and groan, contemplating my imminent demise.

Not all the tea in the world can make this better


Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

window view

As so many people have over the last twenty four hours, I have felt sadness at the loss of Robin Williams. I thought, if only he had known how much the world loved him… but hopefully he did. I know that depression is not simply solved by love, that ugly black dog that nips and bites at so many people. Let’s stop and really listen to those around us… are they okay? Sometimes we have to listen very carefully to hear the things they aren’t or can’t say.

Another incident this week caused me to pause and ponder my luck in life. Sitting next to a colleague at an early morning staff meeting, I politely asked if her family were staying well; missing all the ills that are about us. I was referring to the influenza bug that has taken many of our staff and their families down in the past couple of weeks.

She replied, “Oh yes, they are well. My family is in Zimbabwe in the south and the virus is in the western countries.”

I realised that she thought I was asking about her family back in Zimbabwe and the ebola virus raging on the African continent, not her children here. I felt selfish and petty, for the all the small concerns in my life when so many other people face such momentous dangers, fears and emotions.

Grateful today not to be walking a mile in another’s shoes.


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

― Thích Nhất Hạnh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

multitasking, roller skates and Minerva germs


library A

A colleague asked to borrow my office this afternoon for some parent- teacher thingy. I moved to the circulation desk. It was a mistake, as I was required to be nice.

Parents would come in for their appointment and just because Minerva and I were sitting at the circulation desk they had the cheek to expect us not only to know what was going on, but also to assist them.

I tolerated it for awhile, until I retreated to a comfy corner couch to catalogue websites, laptop on my lap, coffee cup on coffee table beside me, leaving an ailing Minerva to be the social niceties. Yes, I was a coward and pulled rank to designate the common people to her. There has to be some perks in my job!


So many teachers are ailing that this morning I ended up with my own class, and a supervision of a year 10 class at the same time. One class  was suppose to be at the far end of the campus, but I at least negotiated them coming to the library, so I had my class on one side of the book stacks at the tables, and the other class sitting on couches, on the southern side of the stacks. I should have had roller skates.Somehow  I managed to teach literacy and home economics at the same time!

Minerva was ill from when she walked through the doors, and though I tried or most of the day to make her agree to go home, she held her place at the desk. I kept a wide berth. I refused to answer her phone. I have enough ill health of mine own without running the gauntlet of other ills. It is not a battle I expect to win however.

She is on a day off tomorrow so I will have to woman the circulation desk from lunch time when the help goes home. It is tough at the top!