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nun habit

As a small child I attended a catholic, primary school and in the first years we were there, back when the Sisters of No Mercy still wore the full heavy black habits, we would say morning prayers, prayers before “little lunch” and “big lunch” and after big lunch we would kneel on the bare wooden floors and say a decket of the rosary.

We were six and seven, and most of us carried little plastic pouches in our pocket in which we had our rosary. I remember my pouch was pink, lined with pink foam, with the words “my rosary” in gold on the opening flap. It was secured with a clip.

The beads were pink also. They were small, as was the rosary. Looking back, I suspect they were a children’s set.

When I made my first communion, my godmother gave me a much more elegant white set of rosary beads as a gift. They were pretty, and I still have them somewhere, I think. At the time, I remember I was much more interested in the shoe box size marshmallow rabbit covered in coconut that she included. I was born on an Easter Monday, and now years later I wonder if she was connecting Easter and my communion in some way. Maybe she just woke up and decided to make a marshmallow bunny, as you do!

My Dad had a set of rosary beads that were given to him when he was young. I saw him take them to church a few times over the years. He always kept them in his sock drawer, along with the cash my parents used day to day. Odd combination, but he has made a lasting memory. My mother placed the beads, and his old prayer book in his coffin when we said goodbye. No one would ever have picked my father as being religious, but in many ways he was the most religious in our family. A simple faith, from living a good life.

Mr FD has a cousin who claims that her rosary turned gold when she made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. His grandmother was raised by nuns, so there is great faith in parts of his family. Not Mr FD.

You know, I think I still have the pink rosary set as well. Mine have probably turned to rust.


[Looking online I notice the use of two terms : decket and decade. I remember it as decket. Maybe it was a all about where you came from]

You looking for me?


Bored so I checked out the key search words  or terms that led people to my blog. Some of you out there need help, and soon:

Sniffing Grandmas

koala kiss (are you thinking of sniffing grandmas koala kissing too?)

revenge quotes (I can’t query that one, no one does revenge as well as I do!)

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anger vogue (Sensing a trend here, readers!)

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messed up kitchen (trying not to take this one personally)

What Will Life Be Like In 100 Years?



A few homes in the early 1960s had this "glass garage" so you could view your large automobile from your deck or patio.

A few homes in the early 1960s had this “glass garage” so you could view your large automobile from your deck or patio.

Better, I hope.

Do you think every generation hopes that? Does anyone ever think the present is perfect?

I hope we do find the cure for cancer. That everyone gets to live a happy, healthy, productive life until they are 100, when we just die in our sleep one night.

Peace? Not sure it is in the human DNA not to need to hate someone, or need to dominate someone or something. We don’t seem to learn from our mistakes, or to leave others alone, so I am not confident there will be world peace.

Families? What a  “family” will be is difficult to imagine. I guess mush along the same lines. I suspect we might go back to more multigenerational families all living together. Finances might instigate this one, but I think we need the help of all generations to raise our young, we need our herd, and so the desire to live far from our family may decrease. Technology allowing us to work from distant places might facilitate this as well.

Libraries and Librarians. Bit tired of the media telling me that libraries and librarians are facing distinction. Like all things and professions, we will evolve. As long as there is information we will need someone to assist us with it. More information = more need of support. We aren’t born knowing how to search or use information, so I see a place for us.

Books. The physical shape of the book technology, be it hardcover, or ebook or audio, doesn’t matter, in my opinion. What matters is that people READ, and use their imaginations. I would like to think hard copy will still be available, as we use different skills to read from the page as to reading online which is more skimming. Books came about due to a major shift in technology, so technology is not the enemy, a lack of reading is the enemy.

Education. I hope it doesn’t look like it does now. Old model. I suspect kids will link in from home more. Perhaps drop into community centres where teachers and Learning Labs will be available. Maybe even 24/7. More doing, discovering, setting own learning goals. Teachers won’t need to be subject experts, but provide social and emotional support as children learn.


Do you think it would be worth being here in 100 years?


Paris 1950 Ed Van Der Elsken

Paris 1950 Ed Van Der Elsken

Reading –  Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore – actually I am listening to the audiobook; for the second time! I love the mystery, the reality, the mix of books and technology. My pick for 2014, I think.

Listening  -To the kookaburras in the trees outside my house. Australians pronounce kookaburra, as COOK-a-burra. We just do.

Watching – Quite enjoying Secretary of State with Tea Leoni . I have never recovered from the demise of West Wing, so this is feeding my addiction.

Wishing – I wish I had more time, more energy, more, more, more motivation. Maybe the time and energy is wound up in the lack of motivation.

Drinking – Tea. Always tea. REAL tea.

Wanting – Holidays. Retirement. Freedom. More time, more energy, more motivation.

What are you currently up to?

Modern Millie does the errands

morning routine

It is Sunday, and it has been a stressful morning.

First, there was the grocery shopping. I did this online. Shopping online is very stressful, don’t you think? Every site is different, with its own little idiosyncrasies. Often the site will differ from itself, week to week. Just when I have mastered the back button and trusting that it means go back a page, not wipe everything and go back to the home page, they change it. Often the thing that works best is the very thing they change.

Then there is the payment page. The card that worked last week, won’t be accepted this week. I know there are funds on it, damn you little computer emperor, take my card, damn you! Card deleted then reinstalled and I hit confirm, but this time my order is rejected because I failed to enter Mr.,Mrs or Ms. Why do they not use the term Master anymore? If an unmarried woman is given the option of Miss, surely the unmarried male should be optioned Master? Equality and equity?

By the time I completed the groceries, I needed a cup of coffee, supplied by Mr FD. He gets to receive and pack away the groceries as they will be delivered while I am at school. Yep, UP HERE for thinking, ladies.

An email in my inbox led me on to buy a new pair of shoes. My best work shoes developed a peep hole in the area of the large toe, which was not part of the designer’s brief, so it was a need, not a want. My big toes are very long, and my shoes do seem to develop peep holes sooner rather than later. Just as well, that site worked well, because I do flick away from retail sites if I have a choice to buy elsewhere online, if things are too difficult.

The third purchase was a Christmas present for our son-in-law. Yes, the Christmas shopping has commenced. I have ticked off work gifts (Minerva must be both indulged and thanked) and a gift for Petite Fille. Hers is a big gift. To be honest I buy her gifts all the time – usually clothes, but I always arrive with a book when I visit. She has a lot of books! If we go shopping during my visits, well, as you know, she usually receives something. Grandma can’t help herself!

Shopping done, I had to leave my bed.

Stressful, people, stressful, I say.

My Saturday by Flamingo Dancer, aged… yeah well, it’s Saturday