Baking up a storm

Despite the hot and humid weather (rain and storms every day lately; people are getting nervous after the floods of last summer) I was in the mood to bake today.

I baked a batch of coconut muffins made with coconut cream, and apricot muffins made with apricot nectar

. Daughter2 is dairy intolerant, so trying to stock up on a few daughter-friendly foods. I find if we are invited out that despite people knowing she has severe food allergies that they appear not to be able to get their mind around dairy free food, and so I try to bring along a few things that she can eat.  I notice also, that our foods often get eaten before their dairy laden foods! So, freezer has a couple back up items now.

Christmas cards and letters have been mailed. I really dragged my feet on them this year, but as we have received few, I don’t feel guilty. I know Christmas cards are a dying tradition, but I still like to send some, especially to older relatives. So many people say that they are too busy for many of the niceties of life, such as sending cards, but we always find time to do the things we really want to, don’t we? So I made time to write and post the cards.

Mr and Mrs Boy are now in Prague, or they should be. Last text was from Helsinki air port. I think they are in Prague for two or three days and then go onto Budapest.  The responsibility for feeding their worms is weighing heavily on my mind, so I shall go over to their house on Wednesday to feed the little squirmers.

Tomorrow we are going to lunch with my mother, brother, sister and BIL. Brother will be spending Christmas with his family of 4 daughters and new grandchildren  and so we are having a little pre Christmas gathering for Mum. His wife has declared herself too busy too attend (I think the FD intimidates the poor drab creature)  Her loss. No doubt there will be stories to tell afterwards. I know now one of the first things Mum will say when ordering lunch is “I don’t want pork!” as though she has no choice in the matter and we are going to force feed it to her down a tube!

Are you making a list and checking it twice? Or is it all ticked off and left you feeling smug?