When the rains come


Police cars, helicopters, fleeing criminals; not the usual school day, but the day we had today. A group of young car thieves stole a couple cars and attempted to flee. The police were in pursuit when they turned and rammed the police cars, fleeing on foot into the bushland across the road from our school.

Police helicopters were called to track the escapades, who were eventually captured. Strangely, the police instructed us not to go into lock down as the young thieves had run in the opposite direction to the school. They brought them back through the bush to the waiting police cars outside our school though!

Most of us were oblivious to the happenings as we continued teaching class. Minerva and I were concerned about the continual overhead buzzing of helicopters, but as we are not far from an airbase, there was the probability that it was something in relation to that. The sirens were a little worry though, but we expected the lock down – which we had drilled in only days earlier – to be enacted if required.

So, though being on the spot, we had to wait until the evening news to hear the details!

Cyclone Marcia

The state has gone into its own lockdown tonight, as a cyclone, Cyclone Marcia, now predicated to cross the central Queensland coast as a category five, is expected to hit land over night. Having been through two very nasty floods in the last four years, people are now rather versed in preparations.

We are in south east Queensland and about three hours drive from any¬†coast, but still expecting major wind and rain. Our little town floods too easily, but we are placed high on a hill. We might be cut off, and perhaps have no power if it is a worst case scenario. I feel so sorry for those people around Yeppoon and Gladstone on the central coast. Let us hope things aren’t as bad as anticipated.

The scientists have warned that with climate change we should expect more severe cyclones. There is a second in the Gulf of Carpentaria, which is shared by both Queensland and the Northern Territory.It is a high end category three at this stage. I think it is expected to impact the N.T more so than QLD.

Interesting days, indeed. I shall be checking the creek before heading off to work in the morning. I won’t be risking life and limb through heavy rain, only to have to turn around and make a fast return journey before the flooding cuts me off.

Happy Year of the Goat!

guess who came for dinner

A thief entered my mother’s room at the care facility last night. Luckily, she and the other residents were together in the dining room, when a young man entered the building and started to rifle through rooms.

Mum’s was the fourth room that he entered and somehow he triggered an alarm in her room. Two staff members confronted him, but he managed to escape. He was going through Mum’s handbag when discovered. She had nothing of value in her handbag, just some store loyalty cards and about fifteen dollars in cash. My sister has all her important cards.

The police were called, naturally, but Mum was not told about what happened. They phoned my sister and she agreed not to tell Mum as nothing was lost (she probably won’t remember the money) and it is best not to worry her as she has started to really settle in now.

Obviously, the thief knew the routine as he struck when it was meal time aware the staff would be occupied with the residents in the dining room. Heartless to strike at people so vulnerable.

To think Mum lived all those years in her home, the last 12 alone and was never robbed, and here within her first month in a place we considered safer for her, she is a crime victim. The security of the facility has been my main concern since the night Mum wandered out into the street. I know they can’t lock them away, but I do think they should have more secure systems, such as locking the front door. They do at the facility where Mr FD’s Mum is a resident, though most of the ladies there are capable of answering a knock on the door from anyone wishing to enter. Mum’s companions all have walkers and are less mobile so staff would have to answer the door, but I do think it needs to be considered.

Well, no guess about who has gone to the top of the stick list – actually he will be lucky if he only gets the sticking he so richly deserves if I get my hands on him. One day he will be an old person, and I hope bad karma rains down on him!

Always pay the taxi fare

Have to share this one. Tale related by taxi driver.

He had a fare earlier that day, a woman in her 40s and her mother in her 60s. Mother asked how much the fare would be as they drove along and was told between 25 and 28 dollars. She said that she only ever paid $15 cash and that drivers accepted that. Taxi driver said no, that he would be keeping the meter on and that was what he would charge them.

Woman argued and so taxi driver seeing a parked police car pulled up behind it and got the police to assist him. As the women left the car a bag of pills fell out of the back seat. The police officer saw them and the younger woman declared no knowledge of the pills. However, police officer coolly asked how many tablets in the bag and mother replied 250!

250 ecstasy tablets.

She then said that she was asked to deliver by a friend! And of course the taxi driver had the address of the friend that they were originally travelling too!

And all because mother didn’t want to pay full taxi fare.