it takes a picture


I found this picture and it reminded me of the day Mr FD proposed to me – in a greenhouse. He was studying to be an agricultural scientist, and we met in the library where I was working. Every day he had to go to the greenhouse to water his plants as he was doing an experiment on the effect of waterlogging.

This day, I was with him. Well, obviously I had to be if he was going to propose! I was sitting in the doorway, on an upturned drum and he turned the conversation to marriage.

Today is our 40 th wedding anniversary.



12 thoughts on “it takes a picture

  1. Happy anniversary, FDs!!! My son shares your day with his 31st birthday. I suppose if I could have stood his father, we would be having a similar anniversary this year. But he was definitely no Mr. FD (and I am no FlamingoDancer by a long shot).

    Regardless of the waterlogging experiment, Mr. FD defintely got the best results!


  2. Belated congratulations! I have every reason to believe that you looked then – as now – like a willowy brunette peeking from behind a bamboo fan.

    Boyfriend and I will be together 20 years this September, if that counts for anything.

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