Frustrations abound

friday drink

Minerva has every second Friday off. That means for half the day I have a school officer fill in for her, while I teach classes. We have taught her just enough to do the job, but not enough to be dangerous to the library management system.

This year, a second school officer has been stationed at the circulation desk to assist the I.T team. She is not a part of the Minerva and FD team apart from answering the occasional phone call when Minerva goes to the bathroom. She takes up the slack for the I.T Guy who knows everything but does little.

This Friday was Minerva’s Friday off. I hesitate to call it a day off as Minerva has a intellectually handicapped adult daughter and an ageing mother, so her day off is merely a day spent taking them to appointments etc. Anyway, Minerva is not at the desk.

I am afraid this Friday, there was almost Murder in the Library, as both school officers, They of Little Knowledge, insist on butting into everything I do and also, and this is where their near death experiences   arise, insist on telling me how to do things in my own Library. Additionally, more than once I was told “Minerva does…” well, you know what, I am the boss. Minerva does what I ask her to do… as Minerva will tell you…

The following text message was exchanged between Minerva and I:

FD: I am afraid I must murder They of Little Knowledge because they are so bloody annoying. People telling  me how to do things in my own library uuugggghhhhh!

Minerva: That does not surprise me. I thought the same a couple times this week with I.T. Woman when she had no idea what she was talking about. I made a point to explain a little more about the system to her. Miss me?

FD. I have cancelled all your RDOs.

Minerva : You Love me!

Not quite sure how Minerva arrived at a declaration of love from my murderous intent, but I will allow her delusions.

She may have to answer for teaching I.T. Woman (who has no I.T. knowledge but is merely there for filing and phone answering, and this week used an iPad for the first time)  more about our systems. A little knowledge can indeed be a dangerous thing.

More people to tolerate and pretend to be nice to, in my life. No wider I am cracking from all the pressure.



3 thoughts on “Frustrations abound

  1. Believe me, I do not enjoy watching another person suffer at work, but I confess I burst out laughing at this. It is always the case: you let in some rank amateur who has spent three hours doing a job, and they think they know everything. Worse, they act as if they can do it all better than you. You are to be congratulated on not strangling them all with piano wire, or dropping old encyclopedias on their heads. (“Oops! Oh dear, I was wondering about that old stack up there. Sooner or later it was going to fall. Shall I call an ambulance for you?”)

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