flattened and then some


Two flat tyres; that is what greeted me in the car park after work. Spiked, hopefully not maliciously. Today, I drove Mr FD’s car to enable the tyres to be repaired.

I was in a meeting when a colleague tapped me on the shoulder to follow him outside. “Flat tyre” he informed me. A school secretary had noticed the tyre as she went to her own car. Colleague than offered to change the tyre so that I did have to wait for a repairman, which can sometimes take hours and the school is not an area to be in alone after dark.

It was then we noticed the other tyre was low on air, but neither of us guessed it was also flat.

The spare is a tiny “half” tyre, so I was speed limited to just 80klms an hours on the highway, which made me very popular. The fact that the tyre rim is bright yellow and half the width of a normal tyre must have alerted people to my plight. Still, I could sense frustration as drivers whizzed passed me.

The odd thing is that only a couple of days earlier, I was driving to work and had the thought, that I hadn’t had a flat tyre in a couple of years. Do we bring these things upon ourselves; sense them before they happen, or it’s all statistics – one day it is going to happen?



4 thoughts on “flattened and then some

  1. What analytical people call statistics, feeling people call luck. Flat tires happen, but two in one day is a surprise. At least your colleague was able to help you out! I didn’t know the school you work at is in an unsafe neighborhood.


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