hot as hades, and damn those couches.


Monday, 39C and 88% humidity. It is the humidity that is the real kicker in Queensland. It was a miserable school day for anyone who could not find a space with air conditioning and much of our school is not air conditioned. Most the the classrooms have been designed without any acknowledgement of our climate. Too many generations have clung to British tradition and the architecture of colder climates. Some of our newer classrooms have walls of folding doors that allow the classroom to open to the exterior. There used to be a ruling that if the temperature reached 41C then school could be cancelled, but with so many working Mums it is no longer feasible to send students home.

Monday is a non teaching day for me, so I had the gift of my air conditioned office to retreat. Minerva has a work room she can retreat to, but as it is peak textbook borrowing time she spent long periods at the circulation desk surrounded by smelly teenage bodies in the heat. Dedication.

Tomorrow is expected to be hotter.

I know snow is not the romantic stuff it appears in the pictures, but we wouldn’t mind changing places for an hour or two. As long as we could stay inside with a fire and a book of course!

Petite Fille looked at our silent fireplace yesterday, a day equally hot and pleaded her case for the fire to be lit. I said we only used it in cold weather. Her reply? She pretended to shiver, “I am very freezy Grandma.” Ah no.

Trying to refigure the furniture placement of the library to combat some of the behaviour issues we experienced in the library last year. The furniture was purchased before I arrived and while it all seemed wonderful as it arrived, time has proved that is was not what we needed. It was furniture more at home in a bookshop/coffeeshop – couches. They encourage too much socialising and that leads to behaviour issues , especially as the majority of our visitors are boys just wanting to “chill out”.

We are endeavouring to have them understand that the Library is not an extension of the playground; not a club hang out. We don’t expect them to be as quiet as a mouse, but we want inside voices, not playground voices. Luckily, the Principal is 110% with me, and so we are working through it all.

I am enough of a realistic to know that if I don’t make inroads, then a mighty kick will no doubt follow, so I am documenting everything, good and bad, as is Minerva. Positive energy, innovative ideas and creativity is what I asked Santa for…we will see how much he delivered as time goes on.



4 thoughts on “hot as hades, and damn those couches.

  1. Wow, I just looked up the conversion to Fahrenheit since that’s what I’m used to, and that’s pretty hot for no air-conditioning!
    Funny about quiet voices in libraries- I feel like there is no library etiquette any more, I spend a lot of time at public libraries and I”m always surprised by how loud everyone is, kids and adults. Drives me crazy.

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  2. Good lord, in CA we would call that dangerous heat conditions and recommend that everyone stay in air-conditioned buildings. Since we have to deal with heat at least six months out of the year, public schools are now required to have AC, though our schools are typically closed during the hottest months. I keep forgetting, your school year runs through your summer.
    Has Australia never considered changing their school calendar to follow Australian seasons, instead of the traditional British ones?

    There was an attempt to make the library at the local high school more “welcoming” by installing coffee house-style furniture, but within six months the students had ripped the upholstery apart. My feeling is that school libraries are supposed to be places to study and do research, not “hang out.” In university the librarians and other students make that pretty clear—during finals, nobody wants a bunch of chatterboxes gabbing in the carrels.

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  3. Wow that is hot. We do have snow here – about 5 inches at present and more to fall all night. My kids are hoping for a snow day (day off school) as are some teachers. It is only a 3 day week anyhow – Thursday and Friday are ‘parent teacher conference’ days so there are no classes and you go in for your assigned 20 minutes per kid.
    The snow is beautiful to watch from inside but a bugger to drive in. Saw one near miss with some clown who thought there little car was Starsky and Hutch worthy and decided to just skid and hope they stopped at a junction…..
    Is the excessive heat and no AC not a health and safety issue? How many kids/staff have to faint before school closes?

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