A time it was, and what a time it was,

dorian leigh 31

I am working on the theory, that as the allergy rash is marching its way around my body, that eventually it will have no new territory to colonise and will simply get to the top of my head, or the tips of my toes and move on. It’s a theory.

At the moment it is itchiest in those inaccessible areas like my back, especially my shoulder blade areas, so I am rubbing my self up and down door jambs like a crazed pole dancer.

Better  to suffer now, than in two weeks time when school returns.

Ugh, already having stress dreams about going back to work. Looking forward to seeing Minerva and various colleagues, but not many of the students. Trying to reframe and organise my procedures and thought patterns, plan a few fresh initiatives so I can leap out of the starting box, so to speak. I guess every day is one day closer to the end of the school year, but I am getting too many years behind me and not enough in front of me to really find comfort in that thought.

I spoke with Baby Peppercorn on the telephone, tonight. She ignored me, as only a four week old baby can. Her Mummy is coping quite well, now that there are no grandparents and Peppercorn’s Daddy has gone back to the mining site. He is away four nights a week, and home for 3, so not intolerable. Peppercorn’s paternal grandparents arrive next week, so there is backup on its way!

Life just seems to be romping on. Christmas over, New Year over, Peppercorn four weeks old, Petite Fille will be 3 next month. I will be 58 this year. When I started blogging I was still in my forties! Feeling maudlin now, so perhaps it is time for a shower and a cup of tea.




5 thoughts on “A time it was, and what a time it was,

  1. Is it possible the rash is the result of something you ingested? If it is still spreading, it’s not an allergic reaction sparked by something you touched. I hope it is nothing serious. You surely have better things to do with your break than scratch yourself silly!


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