it’s a little bit like this…

face time

The to do list has been filled with “me” items. Not the enjoyable kind like going to lunch or a spa date, but rather going to the dentist, going to the doctor and having some waxing done.

The waxing was so I could go to the dentist. There was no way I was going to lie under those bright lights without having the eyebrows and chin tamed! My hairdresser said that she never would have thought of doing that before going to the dentist, but as she is only twenty something it was obvious that she wouldn’t have too. Sadly, her teeth are also rather crooked, so I don’t think a dentist has ever been high on her list.

So much maintenance and it only gets worse as we age.

I have also been suffering with an itchy allergy rash. I spent a morning sneezing and blowing my nose, thinking I was coming down with a  cold, and blaming the filthy air on planes for transmitting germs, but next day I had no sneezing and a clear nose. However, a red, itchy rash has been moving across my body ever since. Maybe, it was the shock resulting from my actions to clear the clutter from our bedroom, or maintaining the decluttered kitchen!  None the less, I have been walking around in an antihistamine fog for the past two days.

It means not much has been achieved. Mr FD and I did spend time with my sister, who is a much nicer person than I, and his sister, who is a much more confused person than he (yes, it is possible). News from Perth is that Peppercorn slept from 10pm to 6am last night, but is very clingy and whingy during the day. A good little baby, really.

Tomorrow, there are no maintenance appointments scheduled. It may be  pyjama day, or not. I am off to visit Petite Fille for a couple of days on Thursday – I promised I would play special games with her and read her stories, so Granny needs to rest up to keep pace with a very energetic three year old!

In the doctor’s surgery, I heard a mother being asked “How long until school starts?” and she replied, “Not soon enough.” I wanted to interrupt with my reply of, “Too soon”, but managed to keep the inside words inside. We go back to work on January 20th (student free days) with a bizarre two day conference that we all have to attend. It requires an overnight stay away form home. All I can think of is how all our budget requests will be denied this year as each school has to cover their own costs. Wonder if the students’ parents know?


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