Nothing like an Aussie barbecue, well, nothing like ours.


July 1959 Family Circle booklet called %22Whoop-de-do Barbeques%22 (Illustrations by M. Trinque)

Until this morning, I thought it was quite possible to argue that an Australian male is born with the innate ability to barbecue. I wouldn’t have been surprised if male Australian babies didn’t arrive wearing a humorous barbecue apron, a stubby bottle of beer clutched in one hand, and a pair of  meat tongs in the other hand. Until this morning.

Our school is divided into four “houses”; very much along the British school house system. The houses are primarily used for sporting events and each house competes against another. Our home classes are also organised along house groups.

This morning the house group that I belong to had a last day barbecue breakfast – eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages etc. It was held at the school in an outside enclosed area just off the staff room. A popular spot on a Friday afternoon when the dart board gets a work over. The more drinks, the louder the voices and laughter.

The food was just about cooked when the gas barbecue started to throw flames up over the grill. The food that was cooked was quickly flipped onto platters for the table. The flames grew in intensity, and any remaining food was soon charcoaled to perfection.

The men manning the barbecue tried shutting down the barbecue hood to smother the flames, but to no avail. Luckily, we are a school and there is a fire extinguisher always handy. So, the barbecue got a good burst from the extinguisher. Smoke filled the space as the barbecue was wheeled out of the area and away from the building.

Most of us continued eating despite the smoke in our lungs. The gentlemen just need to refine their technique before next year, or we ladies may have to show them how it is really done!

Oh, and they need to replace the fire extinguisher… and probably write a report in triplicate.

TITLE- Smoke Screen DATE- 1958 NOTES- Publisher- Brown & Bigelow. by Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)


7 thoughts on “Nothing like an Aussie barbecue, well, nothing like ours.

  1. Barbie fail? That’s unheard of. You have a point, though, I think all Aussie males may be programmed to barbie. I remember my first Aussie breakie. One of my housemates said something about grilled eggs and I said, don’t be daft. I was wrong. I was totally spoiled. (They sang, too). I don’t think I ever cooked while living in Aus. Sorry to hear about their misfortune but I think the paperwork makes for a bit of comic relief. xo

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  2. I love the “naughty” retro illustration at the bottom of the post. It’s funny, but that style of pin-up/calendar art seems a lot more sexy and fun than the explicit images one tries to avoid on the web. My father used to have in his garage a 1950s poster of a young woman crossing a brook while lifting her skirt up to reveal her lacy panties. As a young child I thought the picture was amusing (oh, that lady doesn’t know her underwear is showing!). My mother apparently didn’t, however. The poster disappeared after one roof-raising argument between my parents. I was hoping to find it when I cleaned out my parents’ house, but alas, it apparently went to the garbage.

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