All that we did is done

brown suit

Bugger the champagne, a colleague gave me a sachet of Smirnoff vodka lemon sorbet as an end of year gift, so it is chilling as my after school celebration. He included a note “Thanks for always covering my back” which was very sweet. We are a team.

The review meeting was actually a very positive experience. For once, a Principal on the same page as me! I think I actually have the support to  make some innovative changes that I have been trying to pursue for sometime. Forever! It’s a little bit exciting and a rather nice way to end a not so nice year. Of course, the glow will only last as long as the vacation!

Half day tomorrow. A morning farewell with speeches for those who are leaving, a Christmas staff lunch and then the Library is closed for 2015.

Petite Fille is coming for the weekend and on Monday, Mr FD and I fly over to Perth to welcome our new grandchild. Nervous and excited at the same time. I shall be most happy once Peppercorn arrives safe and well as there have been a few issues over recent weeks.

So, if my posts are a little irregular over the next week or so, just be patient for I shall soon return.


One thought on “All that we did is done

  1. I’m jealous! We have two more weeks after this one before we get our winter break. It can’t come soon enough, with all the viruses floating around the school and the students coughing like a tuberculosis ward.

    I hope Peppercorn’s arrival is a safe, healthy, and happy one. I’m raising a glass to you, and her!

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