flower crushed

On the way to class, I almost walked on a small lemon flower lying outside the library door. I picked it up, to return it to the garden to turn to compost. Looking at it in the palm of my hand, I realised it was exquisitely and still perfectly formed. I resolved to take it to class until I could return it to my office. I would float it in a saucer of water, to cheer my poor sad day.

In the classroom, I placed it on the teacher’s desk and went about our lesson. Towards the end of the lesson, I looked over at one of the boys sitting at the front of the class ; only to see him there plucking the petals from a small lemon flower. My flower.

“But Miss, it was on the floor!”

“Why did you have to pull it to pieces? It was so beautiful.”

“But Miss, it was on the floor!”

He would have had to rise from his desk and walk several paces to reach the flower. Pity he isn’t so energetic when it comes to collecting a worksheet.


5 thoughts on “Crushed

  1. How beautiful it was that you picked the flower up and how mindless was the commonplace barbarity of the boy but his action was normal and your action was gifted, and it is actions like yours that keep a light shining on the path of hope in my opinion. Well done you 🙂


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