How blue is my blue


The end of another week. It passed fast and slow at the same time. I was so bogged down in the minutiae of the every day that there was no time to notice, let alone absorb, the details of our lives to share with you, dear reader.

The big excitement of the week was the purchase of a matching set of luggage for Mr FD and I. We have never possessed matching luggage, let alone a three piece set. Posh is our new name!

Our large suitcase broke on our last trip to Melbourne. Well, it didn’t so much break as we broke into it when we couldn’t remember the lock code.(What, write it down? Not Mr FD, for that would make perfect sense!) Mr FD had not used our usual generic code and though I had always worked it out previously, I could not remember this time; so armed with a dinner knife we broke into the suitcase. Hence our need for a new suitcase.

I also wanted a colour other than black. On the luggage conveyor the majority of suitcases are black and they all look alike. We had attached tags and ribbons, but often the tags were caught underneath the cases and couldn’t be seen as they went around. I am getting to old to chase suitcases around the luggage carousel, and so I planned on a not so generic colour.

Cobalt blue.

It was on super special, only $16 to deliver to our house, and there were three sizes, including a carry on version. Blue is also my favourite colour. Okay, not cobalt blue, but it is not way out there as to be bizarre, and there should less blue suitcases than black on the merry-go-round.

So, if a taxi cab arrives at your house, and the driver sets down cobalt blue luggage, you had better have the best china out and the kettle on for tea!


Now I just have to get Mr FD to throw out the old suitcase. I may have to pry it from his cold, dead hand…


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