Living in a whirl


Social whirl, people, positively, a social whirl. One day going to a concert with Petite Fille and another, breakfast with the Ladies who Lunch [the Ladies Who Breakfasted?]; except this time we had a couple of guys with us.

Petite Fille is a musical little lady and so we attended the Lah Lah’s Big Live Band concert in Brisbane. The performers brought their instruments out to the theatre foyer afterwards to allow the children to meet them, and interact with the various instruments. Petite Fille loved the performance so much that when she met Lah Lah, who was sitting on the floor, that she gave her a neck hug!

Afterwards, we took in lunch at the State Library, a walk through the Bookshop there, a very important half hour taking in children’s play area within the State Library and a few minutes watching a children’s busker on the green at the Cultural Centre, before going home to collapse on the couch. Well, Grandma collapsed on the couch, I think it was the “all adults up and dancing” session during the concert that did me in; or maybe the fours thousand stairs between theatre, library and cultural centre car park! Maybe both.

Petite Fille, the two and half year old fashionista.

Petite Fille, the two and half year old fashionista.

Breakfast with the Ladies, long term friends, was filled with love and laughter. Food was just a very ordinary pub dining room breakfast, but it was all about the people really. That said, the coffee was dreadful, should have stayed with the tea!

One friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, and in the meantime she met a new partner, so it was lovely to meet him at last. She is 57 and he is 72 though, not that he appears “old”, but time has a way of cutting such relationships short. Then again, she has already suffered a stroke and we all know that there are no guarantees in life…

More of a worry is that he has had 4 exs, though! They met when Friend started cleaning his house after Ex No.4 exited. Lovely to see her so happy, as she suffered dreadfully after a very unexpected divorce some twenty years ago. I wish her well and that her happiness lasts forever.

Nice too, to forget for a few hours that the new school term starts on Tuesday. Nine week term, and the graduation of another group of year 12s. Then off to Perth to await the birth of Peppercorn! Yes, Christmas in Perth this year – I have never been away from home for Christmas, so it will be like living life on the wild side!




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