I was naked and afraid!

naked and afraid spider

Actually, naked and vulnerable; or naked and surprised, might be more accurate. There was definitely nakedness involved, though.

Clothing discarded, I raised a dainty hand to turn on the shower when my little eye fell upon a spider the size of a rhinoceros in the bath.

Okay, a rhino may not fit in our ensuite bathroom, but I exaggerate to you not, this specimen of the phylum Arthropoda was HUGE. It may have been a mouse spider, or a wolf spider; either way it did not belong in my shower.

I am not usually phased by spiders. Strangely, I am more gung-ho towards spiders than Mr FD; maybe it is the beating with stick things. However, I challenge anyone to feel gung-ho whilst naked.

I grabbed a towel (Son was in the house!) and called for Mr FD to “bring your cane!” I dashed to the pantry for the insect spray, which I handed to my erstwhile knight. Mr FD drowned the thing in insect spray, our usual modus operandi, then squished it to pieces with the end of his cane. Hence our indecision over exact order of spider. Big, ugly – did I mention HUGE?

Spider mulched, and despatched to the bin, I had to throw open the bathroom window to let the insect spray fumes escape. I ran water over the shower but the it was still slippery underfoot when I finally ventured in for my shower.

Just got to love Spring when nature is on the move. Due to the dry weather it is driving many creatures towards civilisation or indoors. There have been reports of carpet snakes in toilet bowls searching for water…perhaps I should not complain about a spider; but it was HUGE and I was naked!



3 thoughts on “I was naked and afraid!

  1. The peeping spider perhaps got her lesson not to be so rude any more. Hopefully the other spiders will be more decent and leave the naked person alone in the shower, whilst they take care at other moments to clean up the house of bad insects.

    Having huge spiders in the house means you must have a healthy house. 😉


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