Mother Flamingo Dancer went to the cupboard


double girl

My  Year 11 religion and ethics students played an age old joke on me this week. Another teacher unlocked the classroom and so they were all seated by the time I arrived. The minute I walked in I knew something was on for even the dour goth kids, who are always grumpy, were giggling. I said that I “half expected everyone to jump up and yell surprise when I walked through the door!” They laughed a bit too much at my wisecrack and suspicion set in.

I settled the class and chatted with them, even asking them if someone had put bunny ears on my head or a sign on my back; declaring that I was becoming paranoid, but no one let on for a moment.

Sitting at the teacher’s desk I started calling the roll (we mark the roll electronically at the beginning of every class) and when I got to “Grace” I heard a little “here” from the bench top cupboard behind me.

Grace had crawled into the cupboard and waited patiently for me to call her name to reveal herself!  She was so stiff one of the bigger boys had to help her uncurl!

I told them I was giving them all E’s on the exam next week. Sadly, half of them will probably earn an E despite my promise of revenge. I mean,  isn’t religion the one subject every parent tells their kid they can fail without fear of retribution?


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