psst over here… don’t tell

I promised that I wouldn’t put photos of Petite Fille on my blog…but, this past week she has been incredibly cute as only a two and a half year can be…

Petite Fille has a couple of favourite things. Yes, Peppa Pig, but also robots, dinosaurs and Beatrix Potter’s Mr Jeremy Fisher. Recently, she went to the Museum to see the dinosaur exhibition, which she did with a mix of excitement, awe and a little terror.

Then she spied a frog eyed head band, and a display of ties, and begged her mother please, please… and we have our very own Mr Jeremy Fisher.

Dinosaur friends 2

And her favourite book for the moment? “No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom” from her Grandma (moi). Petite Fille knows the sight of a parcel from Book Depository better than just about anything and is always ready for a new surprise from Grandma, who is only too happy to feed her book habit.



16 thoughts on “psst over here… don’t tell

  1. Gorgeous gal. Love the head dear. Super grandma duties by sharing a pic AND making sure she has lots of good books from Book Depository. Tell me – was ‘The tiger who came to tea’ ever popular over there in 1970s? I remembered it from my childhood and loved reading it to my lot. I miss reading to my kiddos now…..


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