It’s a beep beep beeping world

head me

No wonder I am anxious all the time. My toaster beeps at me, as does the microwave. The washing machine not only beeps, but plays a tune to drive home its message that it is waiting for me. My phone beeps messages and alarms, as does Mr FD’s and Son’s. The car beeps to inform me that it is cold outside. Mr FD’s car even has a voice that informs him “you are over the speed limit”.

At school we are regulated by bells to run to classrooms or to lunch, and wait for the last bell of the day to breathe again.

Our house alarm system has developed the “alarming” habit of going off in the middle of the night whenever a gecko crosses its path. Its smart, for it usually waits until we are deep asleep and it is pitch black so that we all groggily wake and fall over things on our way to disarm it (it wasn’t set in the first place!”) and then return to bed to wait for the arrival of an angry neighbour. We can rely on the deafness of elderly neighbours for safety for only so long…

Even we are alone, we are never alone.


7 thoughts on “It’s a beep beep beeping world

  1. Sad that our appliances and electronic devices all nag, nag, nag nowadays. Despite their best efforts, however, my clothes still often spend a night in the dryer. I’ll show them they’re not the boss of me!

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  2. My son calls the microwave the Beepbeep. We have all of the above plus smartphone and tablet alarms from the kids various apps which include animal noises and baby cries! It’s a mad house here!

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