another sad tale

stop listen

Two brothers, in years 11 and 7, lost their eldest brother to suicide three years ago. Their mother barely survived the sad experience.

On Wednesday, their father came to the school. He said he was pulling the boys out of class for a few weeks.

Their second son, the boys’ elder brother,  just 22 years of age and with 2 small children, had committed suicide that morning.

And we thought we were having a tough week…


Stop and listen, really listen, to those you love.


5 thoughts on “another sad tale

  1. I can’t click the “like” button and leave it at that. It’s hard to track an adult child who is living on his or her own and know what is going on on a day to day basis, but if one has any inkling that child might be suffering from depression, don’t hesitate to reach out and let them know you care and want to help. I’ve told my children that I’ve had my share of dark moments, but at my age I know they can pass as quickly as a summer storm. There is no sense in ending one’s life over a breakup, a job loss, a depleted bank account. Those eventually heal or replenish. Your life, once gone, does not.

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