Flamingo Dancer’s ark or why did the wallaby cross the drive?

noahs ark

I was a little late for work because I took my morning mug of tea stand by the garden windows and watch a pair of wallabies eating our lawn.

The area where our grey water seeps out under the lawn is extremely green. I imagine the grass has fresh and succulent shoots. Mr FD saw a wallaby standing to attention and then start to graze on the grass. Shortly afterwards, it was joined by another wallaby, slightly darker in colour. I had the suspicion that the first wallaby may have had a joey in its pouch.

We stood watching silently, afraid to even move inside our own home, in case we frightened them away, but eventually they hopped across our drive and onto the boundary with the neighbours property (no fences).

Our home is starting to feel like Noah’s ark with all our breeding bird and animal pairs. Thank heavens Mr FD and I are beyond the breeding stage, or the country air might have caused us to cast an eye at each other too. Horrors! Perhaps I had better lock Son in his room until Spring has passed!

As I was reversing out of the garage to go down the drive, I noticed the wallabies hop back onto our drive, so I stopped and waited. They were joined by a third wallaby, jumped together back onto the lawn and waited as I moved my car very slowly forward. One, two, three hops and they bounded into the treed area on the far side of the garden and hid amongst the trees and shrubs, leaving me to drive forward without fear of taking out an animal.

Maybe we need a wallaby crossing sign for our driveway!

wallaby zone



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