Word salad

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I’ve had the word dodecahedron on repeat in my head all day. I don’t even know what a dodecahedron is! Does it hurt to have one? Do they come in a range of decorator colours?

Dodecahedron got a roommate as the day wore on, unfortunately. It mutated in dodoeca headroom, and then I started to wonder if Dodoeca Headroom was Max Headroom’s love child.

And those are the things that go through my brain each day; and just think, I have three university degrees – and I am teaching your child!



9 thoughts on “Word salad

  1. Ear worms plague my existence. Many is the afternoon shift where I have hokey-cokeyed and Freire-jaques’d to myself after spending time with my two youngest kids.

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  2. do i get 1 point for knowing it was a shape – just not knowing how many sides?
    I have had “you fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time… ” and some other song (which I’m sure will re-appear in a second) in my brain for 2+ weeks now. I’m taking 24/7.. to the point I walked down the street, singing it aloud (incorrectly!!) while seeking missing kitties one night.

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