taking the fall

fall 1

Mr FD, winding his way through the house with his cane after his recent knee replacement, caught his foot on his favourite chair (well, it was his favourite chair, not sure now!) and fell.

From the bedroom I heard a scream of pain and rushed out to find him  lying on his back, on the floor. Augie Dog was dancing about him adding to the indignity and discomfort. Luckily, Mr FD had managed to protect his knee, keep the leg straight and twist onto his back as he fell. Painful, but no real damage.

It was quite a feat getting him to his feet and I have to admit, not the most elegant of operations, but we achieved sitting him in the chair, no longer on the floor beside it.

I was explaining in a text to Daughter2 and she asked, “Was Dad like a cockie [cockroach] on his back?”

“More like a squeally pig” I explained.

We are not the most sympathetic of families.


16 thoughts on “taking the fall

  1. Ouch! It’s good to read good old Aussie slang around the web. Just the mention of playing dead cockies brings an instant image to mind.


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