Text it again, Sam

empty table

Friend One contacted Friend Two about our friendship group getting together. Second friend is out of town so forwarded the message to a third friend who contacted me. Much texting and we settled on dinner, Saturday night.

Lost a chunk of Friday night’s sleep fretting about being well enough to join friends for dinner Saturday night. Still coughing, especially if I talk too much, or even a sentence or two; deaf and generally miserable.

I haven’t seen Friend One for about two years so really wanted to see her, but I felt horrible (still), and then there is the guilt of spreading the horrible flu to others, and the indignity of coughing lungs up over the restaurant table etc.

In the end, I decided I really wasn’t up to a night out and sent all a text apologising.  Minutes later a reply from Friend One.

“I am really sorry that you are ill, but it is next weekend I am in town!”

Chinese whispers would have resulted in Friend Three and I sitting at the table waiting for her arrival! I am almost glad I was too ill to go now!

Not that we wouldn’t have partied… and will again next week,


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