it can only get better

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I feel as though I have been living this ‘flu for weeks, instead of a week. Then maybe it is not an exaggeration for in that week I have gone from sleeping with the bedroom windows shut against the winter chill and thick winter pjs, to windows thrown open to the night air and cotton night wear. So much for winter, Queensland style!

On Sunday I was fairly sure I was on the recovery road, but that night took a reverse. Even now, I will be going back to the classroom with a head that feels stuffed full of fluid and ears so deaf that I wander in my own little world. It is such an isolating experience.

I think Mr FD is getting stir crazy too, still house bound except for followups with doctors. All being well I shall take him out to lunch on Saturday. Somewhere fresh and airy, and dare I say it – with other people.



2 thoughts on “it can only get better

  1. One reason why it takes so long to recover from the flu, I was told, is because it alters the immune system. One has to be careful, as it can wipe out one’s previous immunity to diseases like measles and chicken pox. So do take it slow. Drink lots of water and try to get to bed early. I’d suggest staying away from students, but I know better than to believe that’s possible….


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