nailing it


It occurred to me, that toe nails are sneaky little sods. One day they are all very neatly aligned and sitting elegantly in your shoe, and the next they appear to have grown into talons while you sleep.

This opinion was formed as I balanced on the toilet seat hacking into my toenails with a pair of scissors. They were soft after my shower and so easier to control.

My shower was extra long and extra hot, as I am exhausted. Minerva has the audacity to have come down with the flu, and so I was solo all day.

It is alright when I am sick, she just gets to do her job as usual, but when she is ill, I cover her job and mine simultaneously, which is not easy when my job is teaching! Thankfully she only has one, or two sick days a year (unlike me!). Last year, I don’t think she was away at all; her mother was ill and Minerva required time off to care for her. I hate people who never get sick, but I hate it more when Minerva gets sick.

The day was tailed by a last period lock down and evacuation. No warning, so we weren’t sure if  it was the real thing, or a drill, so we took it all seriously. The library is one of those places where students run to if they are not in a classroom when the lock down music sounds. I think I ended up shepherding 10 students into the amphitheatre.

The I.T. Teacher followed us in, instead of following his team into the safest place in the library – the windowless toilet! He knew Minerva was away and I was solo, so he decided to assist. That was really nice, but it was sort of negated by him sitting with the kids and talking about guns and how someone might want to kill us.

I think he was just trying to get the kids to understand that even if it turned out to be a drill, that they should take it seriously. However, in my opinion I think he was just making the kids anxious.

When the evacuation message followed we didn’t know whether we should actually evacuate. I mean, what if someone was prowling and had activated the message to get us outside? The IT team (men!) came out of the toilets and headed outside and so we all followed like ducklings a little behind, to assemble on the sports oval. The consensus was that they would take out the guys first and we would have time to run back to the Library!

One of my home class students, a gorgeous young man who has taken on the persona of a grumpy old man, joined me, demanding that I find out which class had been in his classroom previously. He had sat on chewing gum and was none too pleased. I told him to put his pants in the freezer when he got home, and he looked at me like I had suggested some strange sexual ritual. I started to explain, but the deputy principal announced that we should all go back to our classrooms and so he walked away.

I wonder if he will be in home class tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “nailing it

  1. It’s both sad and ridiculous that schools have to have these drills, but better safe than sorry, I suppose. Earlier last year, I sat in with a kindergarten class during a lockdown drill, and some of the children were frightened when one of the teachers turned off the lights in the little office in the center of the building. We were also supposed to be silent, but tell that to the whimpering 6-year-old in the back. Why the US Congress thinks this is okay but banning civilian ownership of guns is not confounds me.

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