milking it


The police pulled Son over for a random breath test (RBT) as he drove to the all night convenience store to buy a bottle of milk. It really was milk, because we had looked at the  milk label earlier and it said use by the 11th and it was the 15th, and  so I had asked him to buy milk for my tea. He took Augie Dog along for the drive.

On the return trip he was pulled over again for an RBT!

The police officer heard a noise and asked “Is there something in the back of your car?”

“It’s a dog, and its not wearing a seat belt” answered Son.

“That’s it, out of the car!”


Last time Son was RBT’d the officer told Son he had an ugly car.

How long have the police been going to comedy school?


2 thoughts on “milking it

  1. It sounds like the local constabulary have nothing to do except pull over unsuspecting drivers and make jokes about the aesthetic appeal of one’s car. The truly annoying thing is that one can’t make a wisecrack in reply, lest the officer of the law take offense. Bah.

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