what tha?

phone display

Exchange between two students as they left school for the day.

“I put it on Instagram or Snapchat.”

“Okay, we’ll talk about it later by email or on Skype.”


In my day we just went home and phoned each other… land line with a telephonist!





6 thoughts on “what tha?

  1. My father was utterly cruel: we had only one phone, a wall phone in the kitchen. Impossible to gossip or chat at length with a friend without the parental units listening in. Today’s teens have no idea how lucky they are.

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  2. Email. My kids wouldn’t know how. The oldest is only just starting to use hers. Mostly they “message” each other or take part in Group Chats which buzz and ping throughout the evening. Two of them “FaceTime” which is live video chat which can lead to some hilarity when I walk into a room and there’s some kid staring out from a tablet at me saying “hi Mr Dd”
    A company called Corning have done a couple of YouTube videos called “a day made of glass” which are worth the watch. All about future tech.

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