nothing stays the same for evermore, or will you trust your child to a driverless car?

Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend

Chatting with Daughter1 on the telephone (landline, how quaint) I asked what Petite Fille was up to, as I could hear various play noises in the background.

Daughter launched into a rather long explanation of how they needed new saucepans and how they had used some free points towards buying a set of saucepans etc. etc. While I was happy for Daughter to have new saucepans, nothing she said appeared to relate to Petite Fille’s present occupation.

“Lovely dear, but what is Petite Fille doing, right now?”

“Oh, she is sitting in the box.”

Like all imaginative two year olds she was sitting in the now empty saucepan box and “driving” it around her play world. I believe she had even improvised a steering wheel.

Writing this, it has caused me to wonder what will children of the future do, when all cars are driverless and we merely sit and wait to be delivered? Will they sit in their pretend back set updating their social media instead of brooooomm brooooooming, honking horns and steering with plastic plates and round objects, madly?

Will Mums doing the school pick up be made redundant, as parents will simply send a driverless car to school for their child? Perhaps a robot will ask children “What happened at school, today” to receive the “Nothing” reply that Mums traditionally receive.


One thought on “nothing stays the same for evermore, or will you trust your child to a driverless car?

  1. Judging from the way my own children and students interact with electronic devices, I’d think they would actually talk with more enthusiasm to the robot. We should then have the robots record and download the conversations to the parents’ devices. It should be interesting, provided the children don’t realize they’re being monitored.

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