did the earth move for you?

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At first, Mr FD thought he was tripping out on endone, but he was experiencing an actual earthquake. The epicentre of the 5.7 earthquake was some 400 kilometres away, but his hospital room certainly trembled. This followed a 5.3 a day or so earlier, one that Mr FD did not feel.

Mr FD’s sister and I had only left the hospital a short time before, but my trip home took me west and further away from the quake so I felt no earth moving. I think it is an experience I can live without!

That shoe I have been expecting to drop has, in a way. Not on the work front but rather on the home front. Poor Mr FD has had a slight complication with his knee surgery, not actually his knee, but the surgery has brought forth another health issue that will need addressing when he has recovered. His knee is healing well and he is expected to move to rehab, in a Brisbane hospital, on Monday. More driving for me…

Son has been our other health issue. On Thursday night I heard a sound and further investigation led me to find son bent over in the bathroom, rocking back and forth with pain – complications from dental work. On a scale of 0-10 it was off the scale, so I drove him to the emergency department of the local hospital. It may be a small country hospital, but he was given great care.

After getting the pain under control they sent him home with endone as well. I am sensing a theme here! Friday he needed to go back to the dentist and to a doctor, so that meant I had to take a day off work to drive him back and forth. Dentist in the city, and then back to a local doctor, waiting at both places. We were five hours on the road before we collapsed back at home. I am afraid Mr FD received no visit that day, for by the end of the day, I was not up to drive 40 minutes on the highway to visit him. I didn’t want to leave Son alone either.

Saturday, both patients are improving. Mr FD is up and walking with crutches, though still on endone. The physiotherapist calls in a several times a day to take him through his exercises, and in between he has the ice pack on it. Its a full life.

A second Australian surfer has been forced to punch a shark this week. This one in Australian waters. They do indeed, build Aussies tough! The poor man lost a lot of blood and has been transported to a Brisbane hospital for further treatment. I believe that it is the sharks’ domain and we are best out of there…

And on the fish and animal theme. I am finding it difficult to reconcile the idea of a country outraged by someone hunting a lion (no, I don’t think it was right, I don’t think any hunting should take place anyway except for food) but will allow their own people to be shot down in the street. Yes, back to America’s gun laws. I guess a lion is worth more than a black person too?

Tomorrow is another day… and this is another August. Make it your month.


9 thoughts on “did the earth move for you?

  1. Oh, I can so relate to your son! There is no pain like dental pain: I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies. (Well, I’m feeling nice today. Maybe next week I’ll feel otherwise.)

    I have seen a number of articles online asking “Why are you so upset over a dead lion when there are people being murdered almost daily in [name a country in crisis]? Why aren’t you (or Jimmy Fallon) crying for all the black citizens killed by white police in the U.S.?” I can only say one sense of outrage does not exclude the other; I am angry and upset over both. I also dislike being told how I should feel, since emotions are triggered by so many things, not always rational.

    I am embarrassed (but not surprised) that a dentist from Minnesota is responsible for shooting an amiable old lion. This particular dentist was featured in a local magazine (“Best Dentist in the Twin Cities!”) with a photograph of his living room, which was filled with dead animals, the taxidermied trophies from his many hunts. It was oddly creepy, especially when he said he hunts to relax.


    • hunts to relax! Someone should buy his a camera for Christmas!

      My brother used to hunt kangaroos, and I understand that they can be in such numbers as to be a pest but I was never comfortable with his actions. These days he is into sausage making – much more agreeable. No kangaroo sausages as far as I know!


      • I was told you can turn just about any meat into sausage! Some years ago a friend gave us elk sausage, made from the results of his hunting in Wyoming. I should have grilled it, it was so greasy and gamey, but then I’d never encountered elk sausage before. I also felt bad for the elk, but my friend said that in some parts of the West they’ve become pests, crashing into people’s gardens and eating everything that isn’t poisonous (goodbye vegetable garden), pooping on pathways until you can’t walk on them without wrecking your shoes, and even strolling in the middle of roads and holding up traffic, if some loon doesn’t run into them while going past the speed limit and killing himself and the elk.

        I guess too much of anything is too much. Still, I would be thrilled to open my door some morning and see an elk, or a kangaroo grazing on the lawn. A lion, not so much.


        • I have no illusion that he would use kangaroo, and I have to say that it is a meat that is growing in use as it is very low in fat. Brother’s German genes has him making wurst and smoking all kinds of meats. Our Dad would make pigeon soup, something we children refused to eat, but I know Brother is very much like our Father…anything is possible.


  2. I’m glad your menfolk are on the mend. As to our uproar over the lion, I agree that hunting should be for food only, and I do not understand our gun laws or the way people turn to violence, but I fear we are becoming more and more reactionary and seem to need a cause for every week. But do we work to change the things we react to?


    • You are so right – we are a cause a week these days. Australia is having to once again confront its racism, and we are historically very racist – we had a White Australia Policy until the 1970s! An indigenous football (AFL) player is being booed every time he runs onto the field because he calls out racism and recently performed an indigenous dance on the field when the team scored. For that he is being booed by the idiots. What is surprising is how many old white men are coming about and expecting him to just suck it up! More and more I just want to retreat into a bubble, no way the right action I know but it is all so exhausting.

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  3. oh yes….. US news has been far more full of the lion being shot and there will be repercussions for dentist concerned. I swear this has gained more column inches than the (almost weekly) misuse of firearms by crazed people killing innocent bystanders….
    Hope that the males of your house appreciate your love and care and chauffeur duties!


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