Snow at Wallangarra, south of Stanthorpe, makes for a unique Queensland landscape.

Snow at Wallangarra, south of Stanthorpe, makes for a unique Queensland landscape.

Yesterday was so windy,  the classroom door was blown off its hinges! I walked all the way across campus to my designated classroom only to find that the bottom hinge was stretched some inches out form the door frame and as a result was wedged tight against the veranda railing and could not be moved. The wind howled into the classroom,  and the the temperature hovered at Antarctic levels, so I alerted the office that the classroom door was in need of repair and I was taking my class back across campus to the library.

Mr FD had the fire lit when I arrived home, which just managed to thaw out my cold nose.  It is a beautiful nose, but it does get cold in winter. I discussed the possibility of wearing balaclavas as part of the school uniform with some of the students, but we decided that as it is a rather low socio-economic area with a rather high crime rate, that balaclava wearing might not be a good idea!

There was snow in Queensland on Friday also ; about two hours drive away at Stanthorpe. The weather report stated clearly and repeatedly that the snow would disappear quickly, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people driving out to Stanthorpe on Saturday morning in the hope of seeing snow. Of course, it was long gone. No doubt the wineries in the region did a roaring trade this weekend!

 Ruth Neumann-Derujinsky, Mademoiselle September 1955 Photo by Stephen Colhoun

Today, Mr FD and I went shopping  in the City, for his hospital clothes – his knee replacement is scheduled for July 29th. Regular devotees are aware Mr FD sleeps naked (no, it is not a pretty sight) and so we have had to purchase pjs. Well actually we opted for shorts and tee-shirts as Mr FD hates the way pjs wrap tightly around him when he sleeps. We completed the purchase with a couple of track suits as he is going to rehab (for his knee, not for a substance addiction!) for a couple of days before returning home.

I know the poor man will be suffering, but damn, I have to say that I am looking forward to a few nights of  undisturbed sleep!

And now for something different. Petite Fille has learnt a new word. CRAP. I blame her mother. I first heard Petite Fille utter the word when she was playing with her teddy in her cot and she uttered “Crap, I have a headache.” Her mother heard her say, “Crap, my back is hurting” yesterday. Her mother, Daughter1, is in the habit of saying both phrases. Petite Fille got a little conversation about the use of the word, but I cried  “no fair” when Mummy uses it so freely. I did warn Mummy, but some times one must learn these things  for one self, if a little too late.

One week of school down, nine to go until end of term! Or 45 school days, if you prefer! Do I sound too eager? Or desperate?


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  1. You have a cold nose, and this evening I will be driving over our mountain range to the land of temperatures near 100F. Could we work out a compromise?


  2. At least Petite Fille used a PG-13 swear word. My oldest daughter’s very first word was “sh*t,” spoken when I gave her a bottle that was a little too warm for her tastes. I blame her father, who never attempted to censor himself in front of the children; he blamed me, “since you’re the one who’s always around her.” Happily she didn’t use it often, at least around me. :-/

    I can tell the area featured in the top photo doesn’t normally get snow, as the trees still have their leaves. Poor things! It must be a shock for them to be covered in snow.


  3. I agree with the other northern hemisphere peeps: odd to read of snow when it’s sooo hot here. lol. (after all, the world revolves around us!)
    I enjoyed mis-reading “balaclava” as “baklava”, for the mental image of you wrapped in honey pastry. (I had to google balaclava)
    Hope Mr’s surgery goes well. Will he be in hospital for an extended time? Are both knees getting done or just one?


    • I understand the strangeness of cold versus hot, for we feel like that when you are all knee deep in snow – and so envious too. Snow seems so romantic when one isn’t forced to suffer the day to day discomforts!
      Oh, I would love to be a honey pastry, but I may be followed by flies where ever I roam, a little like PigPen!
      Mr FD was told to expect to be in hospital for 5 to 7 days and then he has elected to go to rehab for 2-3 days. It is his left knee. No doubt his right knee will need to be treated at some time in the future, but not yet. He is living with constant pain and it is really curtailing his activities, so it will be good for us both when he is back to a “normal” life again.


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