long days and cold weather

windy day

Our area of Queensland is experiencing our three weeks of real winter cold. Wednesday it was -1C in the city where I teach. Mr FD has physically been stoking the home fires this week. Our initial delivery of fire wood has been exhausted and more is to be delivered today. Friday is expected to be as equally cold, if not more so, with forecasts of snow in the colder southern areas of Queensland; something that is relatively rare.

Naturally the freezing weather arrived with the new school term, and not last week when we could have all snuggled in our beds until some warmth arrived in the day. The library has been busy with students trying to find a place out of the cold winds.

I have had a total timetable change and been given two religion classes to teach. Previously, my classes were situated in the library so I only had to walk a meter or two from my office to teach. This term, I am required to walk to the two furtherest buildings on campus for my classes. The library is not air conditioned; though my office is, but even  teaching in an non-airconditioned library is preferable to walking out into the winter winds! I’ve tried telling myself that the exercise is good for me, but the message isn’t getting through, as yet.

After my first class with the seniors I received the feedback that they thought I was “really awesome”. I suspect that it was because I walked into the classroom without any idea of what the content was and so after a getting to know them introduction, I allowed them to spend the period to do whatever (playing games, watching YouTube…) on their laptops. The class next day was a little more structured and no doubt ruined my reputation! Such is life.



6 thoughts on “long days and cold weather

  1. I confess, sitting here with a sunburned neck and chest and wondering if I can justify eating another pint of ice cream, that I am envious of your winter weather. Of course, if I was in the middle of a subfreezing winter again, I’d probably envy your blazing summer. If only nature had a thermostat, so we could keep it at 75 degrees (24 C.) and mildly breezy all afternoon.

    Of course you are awesome. You knew that anyway.

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      • My last cholesterol check was borderline hmm. The doctor said he could prescribe meds to control it but said “You’re a smart, educated woman, you know what you need to do.” He gave me a list of verboten foods and ice cream was at the top, along with my favorite comfort food, macaroni and cheese (the kind made from scratch, not the Kraft stuff from a box). I tried switching to frozen yogurt, but my taste buds know immediately that I’m trying to pull a fast one. I also tried those shaved Hawaiian ices, the kind that’s become popular in Asian neighborhoods, but sugar syrup dumped all over ice seems just as bad as full fat ice cream. So now I’m trying slow churned and low fat ice cream. Which are okay, but if you start eating them by the half gallon, you might as well be eating the real deal.

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  2. there are predictions of an extra-cold winter here and I’m worried about staying at my current job. I am muuuuch closer to the foothills which very occasionally see snow. it’s beautiful but I don’t tolerate cold well.
    sending some of our tropical heat…


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