Respect? Concern? Justice? Alien subjects!


There are times when I wish that my family was more self-sufficient, especially when I view the world’s chaos playing out on the television screen in our living room.

Not that I am expecting doomsday or armageddon. My desire is more to just remove myself from the craziness of globalisation and capitalism and the shallow media that is force fed us; day in, day out.

Why not just switch the media off and ignore it? I need to know that craziness. I am addicted to shaking my head in disbelief and shouting at the one dimensional figures on the screen.  My very own Catch-22 syndrome.

Also, I go out to teach each school day. You can’t live in a bubble if you are a teacher and a librarian. I have grandchildren, I have to care.

In Australia, we talk about the economy constantly. “It’s the economy, stupid” is almost the first sentence out of our mouths each morning. Watching a number of Greek citizens commenting about their “No” vote, their rhetoric focused on the themes of democracy and respect. I didn’t hear one Greek citizen discuss anything about their economy, jobs or budgets.

I don’t know which is the correct path. Perhaps the middle way, moderation in all things. It all makes me feel like an ever smaller cog in an ever expanding  machine, which is what I am in many ways. I don’t like it. I see shades of grey between the black and white of capitalism.

Our own method is to live simply and to be minimalist as much as possible. I need to declutter, declutter, declutter. It all needs motivation, time and energy and so many things and inertia just get in the way. Realistically, I am not going to achieve much while I teach full time, and new grand-babies are gifted to us. Little steps.

In the meantime, World, get your act together. Stop thinking “me” and start thinking “us”, then we might achieve concern, respect and justice.


3 thoughts on “Respect? Concern? Justice? Alien subjects!

    • Well actually more than one thought…I’d like to zero in on the de-clutter business. We’re big into. We call it “De-Crapperization”. But we never seem to get ahead of it!! WE also live in a very big house. Which seemed like a great idea 15 years ago. But now, not so much. It would be so much nicer to have all f the money it costs to paint, or re-reroof such a big house and use it to travel!!

      With regard to respect, of course! In my opinion, THE SINGLE most important aspect of life. And you MUST give it to get it! Justice?? Not so sure on that one…while I agree that justice is important, I think we just have to face that life isn’t fair. Maybe justice happens in the next life!


      • We moved from a very big house in the city, to a more manageable house in the country almost three years ago, and while we are still downsizing many of our belongings, we have never been happier. It know longer takes a day just to clean the floors!

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