two sides of an argument

Bernd Heyden -- from Berlin-Ecke Prenzlauer 1966-1980

Mr FD has returned. An exhausting trip, not only a ten hour road trip, but at the destination a ninety year Old Uncle, very hard of hearing  and experiencing the journey of dementia and fiercely independent.

One day, Mr FD and his sister visited another nearby uncle and cousin, leaving Old Uncle at home. The group lunched at a small town and visited a gold mine.

Returning to Old Uncle that evening, they told him about their adventures. Old Uncle, however, stated that there was no hotel in that town and no gold mine!

Knowing better than to enflame a person with dementia, Mr FD laughed and added that he was certainly going to shed the weight if he kept eating at phantom pubs!

There is still no pub, no gold mine.


4 thoughts on “two sides of an argument

  1. Do you know how tempting it is to make a snarky remark about Mr. FD making a long trip to visit a doddering elder with dementia … only to return home to … well. It’s just too much, so I’ll stop.

    And you know I’m only kidding.


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