this time you can have the seniority

birthday flowers

This week, my older sister celebrates a milestone birthday. I am not sure that celebrate is quite the word to say considering the mix of emotions she may be experiencing as she tips over into officially being a Senior, an “old age pensioner”. As I am somewhat younger and in another decade altogether, I think it is quite humorous.

We are over buying birthday gifts that just clutter houses, we are into more experiences these days, so we are taking sister on a birthday outing. No details, we just told her to be ready for a certain hour, to dress for a slightly cooler climate than where we live, and that it is all our treat.


The not knowing is killing her.

My sister can not bear to not know a secret. She will connive  and plot to find out every detail in advance. This woman has been known to go hunting for Christmas gifts hidden in the back of  closets!

We received two phone calls yesterday, as she tried to find out details. Even Mr FD played along and for once gave nothing away.

My fear is that her anticipation may be greater than the actual mystery adventure, but at least, for awhile an “old” lady can have some fun!

Happy birthday to my favourite (only) sister!

cake pink


2 thoughts on “this time you can have the seniority

  1. My older sister used to hunt for Christmas gifts in the closets, too. She actually unwrapped a few and spilled the beans to me one year. Wish she and I lived close enough to spend a day together. Enjoy the day with your older sister….and remember, someday you’ll be that age.


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