guns and hypocrites


Another day, another gun massacre in the United States. I feel sorry for the victims and their families; the lady who was a librarian particularly resounded with me. Who kills a librarian in a church – how vulnerable a victim is that? I just can’t understand a peoples that give permission to their neighbours to kill them, though – and the hypocrisy   of all the so called emotion that the nation parades as they pretend to grieve. If they care so much why don’t they change?

Maybe they need a program a little like the plain packaging program for cigarettes that we have in Australia. Ads in the media that simply say “guns are bad for your health”  with horrible disfigured gunshot victims telling how they get through their daily struggle; and then on the butt/handle of every weapon there should be a very graphic photo of a dead gunshot victim.

I suppose that a school filled with little dead children wasn’t enough, this won’t be either. Have your guns, kill each other, leave the world for the rest of us …


10 thoughts on “guns and hypocrites

  1. We are not all bad, but we certainly are a society in need of change. I am not a fan of guns, but I think what would make the most difference would be an emphasis on mental health, learning tolerance and recognition that we are all humans deserving of love and respect regardless of our skin color or ethnic background. The sad truth is none of this is new – atrocities have been occurring throughout the world for centuries. What’s new is the media coverage.

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  2. One problem is that the gun lobby in the US has deep pockets and has every politician who accepts campaign donations from them working as its puppets. Our founding fathers also put in an amendment in the Bill of Rights that many interpret to mean they can carry a military weapon in broad daylight (or deep sneaky night) down the main street of town and into the local Starbucks. It is maddening to those of us who think the gun laws in this country need to more restrictive: but as long as members of Congress continue to parrot the gun lobby’s line that gun ownership is a Constitutional right, we cannot pass sane gun laws in the US, even if the President himself presses for them. (And frankly, he doesn’t: the man is a milquetoast, cowed by pundits and right-wingers who accuse him of being un-American and a socialist.)


    • I always wonder why we cement these founding documents in time. The founding fathers were very progressive, I expect they would update their declarations if they were alive today. Time changes, why can’t constitutions? USA was coming out of a war against the British that is what coloured their thinking, time to move with the 21st century.

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      • There are people in the US who think Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and their cohort are like religious figures whose words are sacrosanct (but of course, are up to interpretation like the Bible). It is ridiculous, considering that in their time slavery was legal, women did not have the rights of citizens, and there was no “age of consent”—children were made to work and marry like adults, and were allowed to drink and smoke like them, something I don’t think even libertarians would support. (Or maybe some would, libertarianism allowing that it’s one’s right to kill oneself.) But the Constitution can be amended. We once had an amendment that prohibited the sale of alcohol in the US, but it was very short-lived, given that many here believe it is also their god-given right to drink until they’re unconscious.

        We ‘Merkins are an entitled people, sigh.

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  3. Hangaku got it exactly right. I don’t want a gun. Never have. My father hunted, and my family ate the venison, so I have no problem with guns for that purpose. Just don’t understand why the more assault-oriented guns are necessary. Many say “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” But it’s darn hard to commit mass murder with a knife or any weapon other than guns.

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  4. IT IS SO TRUE – THE politicians are too scared to tighten gun control as those who believe in their right to bear arms have so much $$$ power. Pathetic but true. I read something on FBk…. How, after an attempted shoe bomber tried to board a plane and take out the passengers, we now all have to remove our shoes at all airports and get checked to foil such attacks….. but totally innocent people getting shot by nutters who acquire guns legally/illegally….. nothing stopping them there….

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  5. Another shooting with illegally acquired weapons—this post will remain timeless as long as the second amendment is interpreted according to late 18th-century norms. The amendment followed up grievances cited against George III in the Declaration of Independence. Of course, today’s zeitgeist differs. The US Constitution is the product of Age-of-Enlightenment thought, though fraught with major flaws (e.g., the sanction of slavery). An astounding document, it took a long time to amend—including the struggle for civil rights, etc., still ongoing. We carry the burden of history. This living, breathing document has the potential to correct it.

    The verbal wars between the Federalists and states’ rights advocates (e.g., Adams vs. Jefferson) were fierce, sometimes ugly. Nonetheless, I wonder at current dark-ages thinking—when an electorate will embrace politicians who disparage/discount scientific thinking, thump the Bible, and proclaim they fulfill the founding fathers’ constitutional quest. Ironic. Many founders based their arguments on scientific thinking and humanistic philosophy.

    Yes, I believe in God and the gift of the mind. What’s more, we draw closer every time we send a vessel into space and discover one more fragment of the universe, even the idea of looking at the Big Bang. In an instant—forward thinking with a backward glance at the ultimate miracle.

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