Friday, Friday how I love that day

lunch pair

Friday and a public holiday in our school area, so double relish to my sleep in this morning. Then Mr FD and I drove to Toowoomba about 45 minutes drive away, and where we lived for over 25 years,  to take care of those always present financial issues.

Then, after being reminded how poor we are, and how miserable our old age will be, we rewarded ourselves with a lovely lunch, a slightly belated Mother’s Day lunch for moi. I had the most delicious vegetarian tartlet of buffalo mozzarella, onion jam, roast peppers, Persian fetta with fig, gorgonzola & pomergrante salad, vino cotto and roast sage potatoes.I may have also have chosen a glass of Edwards Semillon Sauvignon Blanc from Western Australia’s Margaret River.

parkhouse 3

Mr FD choose the tasting plate with chermoula prawn skewer, lemon pepper squid, arancini, salmon roll, mini Korean ribs, warmed olives, saffron, pistachio & quinoa salad, dukkah flatbread, hummus, olive oil & balsamic.  Delicious.

parkhouse 2

We were like a pair of well fed cats afterwards and I would dearly have loved to have done nothing more than curl up in the sun and snoozed, but we did have to drive home. Thankfully, Mr FD did the driving; I did the snoozing.

If only every Friday could be thus…

friday hug

One thing I particularly noticed was the number of “ladies who lunch” lunching solo. These ladies were all in their forties or early fifties, some in upmarket winter gym clothes, all eating salads, but solo. It was as if they had just popped out of the house to have a little salad in a restaurant before picking the children up from school. How times have changed, women would have felt so odd lunching alone not all that long ago.

Mr FD observed them also, naturally, and commented that one day I would be able to “do lunch” in such a manner, but in the meantime it    was great that I enjoyed my work so much.

I stared him down over my wine glass.

“I would resign tomorrow if I could, there are a hell of a lot of other things I could enjoy more!”

He said no more. Occasionally, Mr FD is a wise man.


book slap


One thought on “Friday, Friday how I love that day

  1. How convenient for him to think you love your job and don’t mind getting up every morning to drive to work! Honestly, I hope your retirement will consist of many lunches like the one you enjoyed. Not necessarily eaten alone, but if you desire it….


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