is it really only Tuesday?


Hello, beautiful people. Interesting week, as most are.

I have had my literacy skills increased by having my senior students explain to me what the phrase “See You Next Tuesday” really means. In case you were as slow as I : C U Next Tuesday. I probably could have died not knowing that but there you go. Something learned, something shared. Still doesn’t make it right.

I got some exercise bounding out of the Library and into the central court of the school to stop three students duelling with large tree branches. They thought I was quite the meanest teacher in the world by halting their jousting, but I once I my breathing was normal again, I got my big jollies by sending them to detention for unsafe behaviour.

Then I practiced patience during the after school professional development as a colleague attached himself to me and followed me from room to room, sitting beside me in each workshop, even when I bounded to the furtherest corner of the room, and  then complaining about everything. Being an arrogant piece – him, not be, never me, he naturally disagreed with everything to the point where I was prepared to ask him when he was returning to heaven to take back the throne.

Today, I explained safe sex to a young, canoodling couple that Minerva spied under the broken branch tree at lunch time. We were afraid procreation was about to take place, so out I bound again, yodelling  across the school yard while wondering where the teacher who should be on playground duty has been hiding this week,  to explain the “sunlight between you rule”. I threatened them in dire terms and sent them on their way to class. Maybe I would have had more luck asking them to name their first child after me.

Minerva is quite the comedienne this week. Cataloguing some new books she asked if I wanted them in the teacher’s collection or on the floor ( her term for the general student collection. I replied “On the floor”. Yes, she threw them on the carpeted floor, hooting with laughter at her own funny. Sigh. She is a great library aide…

A colleague, new to this school, but someone  with whom I had taught with at Fanny and Maude’s School for Fine Young Ladies, was in my office with tears in his eyes this afternoon. He is so unhappy with his move to our school that he is ill with stress. Of course, he has to find another position before he can leave, and teachers don’t move much during the year, so he will have to hang on until the end of this year when the offers go around again. Doesn’t help that he is obviously gay, and we are a lower socio economic school in a very working class area. Even some of the parents have uttered homophobic comments as he passed by them!  Administration is very supportive though. Some days I wish I was like the people in those television shows who keep a bottle of scotch in their desk drawer. I think he might have needed one. I know I did, as I felt so helpless being able to offer nothing but a shoulder to cry on.

Tomorrow is the joy of Year 8 immunisations, where I get to experience the reality of “revenge is sweet.” Enjoy your day too.



4 thoughts on “is it really only Tuesday?

  1. I hope your unhappy colleague finds another position soon. Surprisingly, we’ve had trouble with homophobic students at our CA public schools as well. Socioeconomic background may play into it, but I’ve heard some of the nastier remarks made at schools where most of the students are from upper middle class families. One female teacher who wears her hair very short and wears hornrim glasses, Birkenstocks and bohemian-style clothing was the target of some especially cruel slurs, even though it’s widely known she’s married to a man and has two children. The principal was finally forced to act and suspend the students most responsible for the remarks, some of which were made on Facebook. (Another reason why I don’t have an account there. Students seem to think “it’s no big deal” to say these things online.) And I do mean “forced:” the man was perfectly content to sit on his hands until an outside agency and a local LGBT group stepped in.


  2. Well now … if you let the kids beat each other to death with all the broken branches there’d be no place for canoodling couples to hide!

    Never heard the “see you” comment, but I remember the ELO song of my youth with the words “If You See Kay” in it …


  3. to risky to keep the bottle in the desk. i have sometimes kept one in the car. but i prefer to have a couple mini “airline” bottles stashed there – far more discreet. so are jello shots.


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