Shame Tony Abbott, Shame!


Happy Mum’s Day. I am having a quiet day, which is the best day for me. Once daughters become mothers, it seems that Mother’s Day changes. I am not saying that is a bad thing, or a good thing, it is just a thing, to be noted. And of course my Mum has dementia, and knows not what day of the week, or year it is.

I am however, scratching my head as to why the Abbott government has chosen this week end to announce that they are effectively making it more difficult for new mothers to be home with their babies in those first few months – and harder to find quality child care when they return to work. Could it be that it is a dung heap of males making those decisions?

Now that I have that out of my system, for the next ten minutes – actually, I haven’t. How the hell do they expect women to choose to have babies, which the government always expects, when they make it harder and harder to care for them? Why do they think our schools are having such behavioural problems, when parents are stretched to thin to be effective parents? Why do they think our children have such low literacy and numeracy issues, when parents have no time to sit and read books? Herding children together in groups at day care is no replacement for quality parenting. Teachers and child care assistants can not, and do not replace the role of parents in their children’s early years.

Such short term mindsets of our governments are harming our children and our future. Time for all of us, not just the politicians, to look beyond our immediate wants, and the next election.


6 thoughts on “Shame Tony Abbott, Shame!

  1. I remember many years ago, when I used to work in a cave full of Neanderthals, overhearing one of the supervisors grumble when one of the female employees put in a request for maternity leave (unpaid, of course), “Why do we have to hold her job until she comes back? She decided to have a baby, let her stay home and take care of it.” No comment on the fact her husband was still recovering from cancer surgery and had been forced to give up his job at that same company.

    I’d reckon the same politicians who refuse to pass laws allowing parents to take parenting leave and slash the budgets for schools are the first to say how much they honor motherhood and education. Just as long as these don’t cost the private sector anything, and mothers and teachers stay silent and don’t bother them with their grievances.

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    • Tony Abbott made himself “the minister for women”! Hypercritical morons. No wonder teachers are burning out after five years when we are always expected to fill the gaps. SO angry today.


  2. I think parenting is the least-valued job in the world, and the cynic in me believes that’s because it’s women often fulfill the role of primary care-giving parent. Please don’t crucify me for saying this. I recognize that there are many men (including my own husband) who work hard to be good fathers, and there are many who are the primary care-giving parent. Still, in the vast majority of cases, it’s the women’s lives who change the most when two people have a child. Much of this has to do with biology, I think. We’re the ones to carry a child, and during that time, we get accustomed to doing things we’d rather not do, and not doing things we want to do, for the benefit of someone else. It just continues from there.

    And I say this recognizing that there are plenty of crappy mothers out there, just as there are crappy dads.

    Right. Sorry to get on my high horse. It’s just this is one of my biggest gripes about what’s wrong with the world. 🙂


  3. Welcome to the world of maternity leave in the U.S. which I think is the absolute worst of all 1st world countries. There is no taxpayer funded leave at all. You’re at the mercy of your employer as to whether they offer any paid leave. My daughter-in-law got 8 weeks paid leave from her employer and managed to cobble together another 4 weeks from saved vacation and sick time. She went back to work when my grandson was 3 months old. Most women aren’t that fortunate.

    Since the recession, a large percentage of women work part-time, minimum wage jobs with no benefits, so they end up either taking unpaid leave for 6 weeks or they get “laid off”. And our elected officials say, “Sorry ’bout your luck…”

    I’m sorry that you are starting down our road of “sacrificing the future” to save some $$ for the fat cats now. Sickening.


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