up hill, down dale and a bit of hurdy-gurdy


Perhaps it was not the wisest way to end the type of chaotic, exhausting week I have just lived through, by going to Aldi to grocery shop with Mr FD, but I did, and we did and now the groceries are packed away in the pantry. My nerves are on end and my muscles feel so tight I could snap any moment, but the week is done.

Too much being nice, too many long work days, too much work and too many demands, ending in a crash and burn Friday when I felt very unwell and huddled in my bed for  the day.

Such is the modern woman’s life. Well, the modern person’s life, really.


Next week we are visiting our financial advisor to start kick start our ” transition to retirement ” but my retirement is years away if nothing changes the status quo. Mr FD is already retired due to health issues. Nothing is as we had hoped and planned, but rarely does life ever go according to hopes and plans. Not saying it has all been bad, we have been rather fortunate in many ways and many times, but I do think we have had enough “character building” knocks to make us “grateful for the good times”! The quotes are Mr FD’s mother’s comments repeated many time over the year, so often I wanted to rip her arms and legs off in the end. She is dead and gone now, residing for the rest of eternity as a little box of ashes in a brick wall, so it matters not what she said now does it?

High point of the week: receiving an email on the the weekend from a student who wanted to tell me how much she had enjoyed a book from the school library. She read another book during the week and made a point of telling me it was a winner too. If only they were all like that!

High point: After my “show and tell” release of our LibGuides I was inundated with compliments, appreciation and requests for resource support, thus proving, once again, that Teacher Librarians are indeed necessary in 21st century high schools. Nice too, after all the nights I sat up to eleven o’clock or later, at home, building our lib guide pages and guides. More than one night, Mr FD had to come in and lecture me to go to bed, but I have reached a point where it is a relevant resource now.

And you? Still breathing?



5 thoughts on “up hill, down dale and a bit of hurdy-gurdy

  1. Still breathing? Just about.
    Some weeks are so, so long, aren’t they?
    This was one that actually saw us getting our heads above water at long last, too.
    Tall cold drink, few extra cushions on the flamingo throne and a couple of buff boys with feather fans. You’ll be fine.

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  2. I wasn’t planning to stop at the brewpub today but after screaming (and meaning) I HOPE YOU DIE NEXT TIME!! and the c-word at several drivers (who’s windows were open), I figured it was wise to get off the road and have a mental chill pill.
    Congrats on the well received guide!!


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