fog, photos and body parts, as well as a long distance lesson

foggy morning

Heavy fog blanketed most of my drive to work this morning, but the day opened up into a summery day, except this is suppose to be autumn in Australia.  The weather man declares a cold change is coming, but I don’t think 29C days are building an argument for him!

Staff photo went well. I got to stand in the second row for the staff photo – ground level more importantly. I was prepared to refuse to climb their scaffolding this year – I have depth perception issues due to only having one eye, and I am finally at an age when I feel confident enough to say “no way am I doing that!” However, I didn’t have to. I did refuse to remove my glasses though. My glasses tint up in the sunshine and so I look as though I am wearing sunnies in the photo, big deal. The photo is going to languish at the bottom of someone’s closet until it goes into the bin anyway!

Home Class photo was accomplished as well. We had everyone turn up a. to school and b. from various classes at the appointed time (my home class has students from years 10,11 and 12). There was one young man who kept making silly faces and so they kept taking more photos until the rest of the cohort was ready to punch him and then he became serious.

One of my seniors said that during his individual senior photo “the photographer dude touched my dick!” Not sure if he was serious, I asked if he wanted me to talk to someone about it, but he replied no. I suspect it was an accidental and very fleeting brush at some stage in the photo process, if that, and a rather large exaggeration in the retelling. What surprised me more was a student using the word “dick” in a conversation with a female teacher, an older female teacher. How times have changed.

Then again, I heard one year 8 student call another year 8 student the “c” word in the library the other day – and when I reprimanded him, he couldn’t understand, amongst other things, why the word is disrespectful towards women!

Tomorrow is parent teacher student interviews. I have none so I get meet and greet for an hour on the door. I always seem to get meet and greet, but hey, no complaints from me!

The other amazing thing today, well not really amazing, but a reminder of what a great time we live in, was that I spent 90 minutes involved in a webinar with an IT person situated on the west coast of the USA. She was able to speak to over 70 librarians spread across Australia and take us through a tutorial where we could ask questions as we went. No, not the first time I have participated in a webinar, but isn’t it great to think how global education is now? It must be great to be student these days, compared to the days when all we had for research was a set of encyclopaedia – if we were lucky!

Yes, apparently, tomorrow is another school day.

tea legs


6 thoughts on “fog, photos and body parts, as well as a long distance lesson

  1. Love the tea legs image. Goodness lots of language these days. I am not that surprised I suppose last week I was treated to two small 8 yr old girls in the gym showers belting out “I like big butts and I can not lie” which was hilarious….not so much when one starting singing some song about an anaconda…..then I was like oh please no….luckily the other little girl was mortified shouting out “That is a bad bad song” Well, things have changed.

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  2. ONE set of reference books, 20 students doing a report on the same topic = nothing available when you got the the library. Oh, I don’t miss those days. But, then again, I enjoy understanding that not everything on teh WWW is accurate.
    Flabbergasted on the C word. Maybe he’s too young to know it also is a term for female naughty bits. I use the word quite liberally.. the result of someone teaching me to “remove the power from the word”… by using it till it was no longer offensive. (it was also the time of the gay community retaking the term “queer”)

    I was part of the new job’s employee photo… everyone at one level, shot by drone! It wasn’t till later that I thought that, being well “hidden” in the middle of the crowd, I should have done the splits!

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  3. I’m glad my teaching days are over. 🙂 When I retired over 10 years ago, some of the children’s language was quite shocking, and that was only in junior school. Love the coffee mug image. 🙂


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