The Grey Flamingo

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Sunday Open Day, done and dusted. Payment was a free coffee from a coffee van, a chocolate muffin and some cheese and crackers.  The Powers that Be appeared happy with our contribution in the Library, and even took photographs of our historical display. We have been able to obtain two versions of the girls’ formal uniform from the 80s and the 90s which are a drawcard. That, plus a number of photographs from decades past are always a hit, especially with “old boy” parents.

The biggest excitement in our Library is  produced by the array of items on the front desk. We have a couple of small water wheels, a few of those desk top momentum toys where the balls swing back and forth, or a wheel turns around; soft toy representations of a brain cell and a virus cell, as well as a pin toy that students can present hands or faces into leaving an indentation, and an artist’s model wooden hand that they love to “give the finger” because they all think they are so outrageous. There are also some small rubber ducks reading books, and Gnomie our Library Gnome, formerly a garden gnome. Students stand for ages playing with all the items, and we get to chat with them as they do, getting to know students we don’t yet hate.

I avoided being nice for any length of time, by taking my laptop to the reference desk and working on our LibGuide pages that I have been building over the last few weeks. I would so do that type of librarianship every day of the week, if I could. I am more an information gathering/resource building librarian, but alas and alack that field is not prevalent in my neck of the woods. A Librarian has to do what a Librarian has to do!

Next activity, will be school class photos early this week. I am a home class teacher and so have to appear in the class photo. In the previous two years I have worn grey, so note to self, do not wear grey this week, or I will be nicknamed the Grey Woman for sure!


5 thoughts on “The Grey Flamingo

  1. ooh… thanks for the reminder: I heard that my temp employer’s “it’s a great place to work” video was supposed to be released today. I might be in it. gotta look for that tomorrow. my supervisor has been told she’s in “lots” of it. I told her boss that I have video editing software so we can “modify” my supervisor’s appearance to our will!!


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