and the sun came

breakfast may

Tres bit tired and emotional last night. A late rising this morning, our Saturday breakfast, which has even Augie Dog dancing about in the kitchen in anticipation each weekend, and then a return to bed to sleep until early afternoon, put Flamingo Dancer in a better place.

Most Saturdays, once everyone has risen, the timing of which is rather varied in a household of adults, I cook a bacon and eggs breakfast Sometimes with mushrooms, or bananas, or avocado or whatever we choose. Augie receives his usual breakfast piece of toast that he gets each day, but his weekend treat is a small rash of bacon.

As we cook it, he dashes back and forth across the kitchen. If it doesn’t seem as though we are paying attention to the bacon frying, Augie may bark in his frustration. Once it is in his bowl, he calms down and often has a wee nap. Surely, a reminder that the simple things in life are the best!

It is late afternoon, and I have accomplished very little today. A couple loads of laundry is about it. Right now, I am enjoying a Pink Flamingo cocktail (last night it was one Moscow Mule; we are big on the animal cocktail spectrum!).

Tomorrow it starts over again. Not quite an early weekday start, but I will need to leave by 8am, so no sleep in, no leisurely breakfast. They have promised us a free coffee and muffin…sigh.


[The rain cleared in our area, but five people drowned after trying to cross flooded roads last night, three in one family …]


4 thoughts on “and the sun came

  1. Glad you had a relaxing day. Flooding is so scary. We had a terrible flood shortly after moving here- we were safe but I’ll never look at rain the same way. I try to drum it into my kids’ heads– don’t drive across a flooded road! Turn around!


  2. Don’t go underestimating the impact of things like NATURAL DISASTERS on your mood.
    I’m glad AuggieDawg was there for you, exchanging comforting good vibes for bacon.


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