happiness 1 dog

Happiness means something different to everyone. Happiness to me is time alone, time to create, time to be with family. Happiness is books and music, countryside and texture. Colour. Serenity.

Happiness is the happiness of my children, my granddaughter. The corny puns of Mr FD. Lunch with my girlfriends. Tea and gossip with my sister. My mother remembering me. Our dog jumping for joy when I walk in the door.

Happiness is home and garden. Fresh vegetables from our garden. A clean house and no to do list. Fresh flowers on our wooden dining table. Plants growing in my office. My bed.

Happiness is a student telling me that they enjoyed a book I added to the library. The happiness on their face when I hand them a book that I purchased at their request. Having the book that they just asked for.

Happiness is sharing a joke with a colleague. Having a student call out a greeting from across the school yard. The joy on a learner’s face as the light bulb in their head goes on, when they get what they were struggling with.

Happiness would be time to learn, and travel. Money to travel and pay all the bills. Not to have to think about budgets and needs.

Happiness is …

happiness dog 2

happiness flowers 1

happiness baby 1

happiness books 1


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