some wedding guests just want to keep partying

Party on our windowsill this Monday morn – a few rescued wedding decorations who just don’t know when to stop!




We are all in post wedding, go slow mode this morning, but some memories are:

The joy on Daughter2’s as she sat through hair and makeup.

Our rendition of Mammie and Scarlett as we tried to close the dozens of tiny, covered buttons down the back of D2’s wedding dress. The celebrations when we accomplished it (perhaps a little too much pre wedding cheer for D2!)

Two year old Petite Fille standing at the base of a very tall microphone stand trying to sing into the mike.

The look of happiness on Daughter2’s face  as she walked arm an arm with Her About To Be Husband into the wedding ceremony.

The tears in Daughter1’s eyes as she stood beside her sister as maid of honour.

Petite Fille sitting between her Daddy and Son and declaring “It’s like a bus, Daddy! The wheels on the bus!” mid ceremony.

The announcement that new son in law has chosen to take the Flamingo Dancer surname, instead of D2 changing her name. Now officially MR D2.

Son in law Mr Boy wrestling on the floor with a gigantic inflatable pink flamingo trying to deflate it for repacking next morning.

The fun everyone had in the the photo booth – even the oldies!

The super food, the fire twirler, the guests enjoying the giant games. The yummy drinks – Pimms, Moscow Mules and Fat Yak (a Western Australian Beer).

Watching D2 with friends we have watched grow from toddlers to grownups and the bonds they so obviously share.

Everything and everyone.

We are blessed.




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