run sheets, bucket lists and a wedding day



In that crazy place parents find themselves on the eve of their child’s wedding. Tomorrow is Daughter2’s wedding.

Tonight we are home in the country, D2 is city side with her beau. According to the run sheet I am to be in the city at their hotel for hair and makeup at 9.30am. So that means we have to be on the road by 8am. It is a 2pm wedding.

I only arrived back from the city this evening. I was to be home last night, to have today to prepare, but like all good planning schedules things blew out and things go added, and so I really just came home to collect clothes and to organise Mr FD and Son.

Only major issue was that the DJ for the music suffered burns to his hands in an accident and so a replacement had to be found, which it was at 1pm this afternoon.

This is not a traditional wedding – think urban bohemian. It is in a warehouse; vertical gardens and all. A series of food trucks will feed the hordes throughout the evening : Pop Taco, BBQ Truck and Vira Lata (Brazilian/ Portuguese food) . There is a dessert bar in there somewhere, and Moscow Mules and Pimms to drink as well. There is also this  and this and a photo booth. Oh and sparklers.

I may need a big lie down by the end of it.



10 thoughts on “run sheets, bucket lists and a wedding day

  1. You may well enjoy it, though it sounds more like a school carnival than a wedding. 🙂 The food trucks sound fun, but with those, you have to go to the counter, put in your order, stand and wait for the order, then gather up your disintegrating taco/Korean barbecue hamburger/lobster roll and find a seat that hasn’t had beer or soda spilled on it. Maybe you should ask Mr. FD to do the ordering and waiting on. The mother of the bride deserves to sit down at a nice table and sip champagne while she recovers from all the jumping through hoops. Congratulations! And go in for a foot massage when it’s all over.


  2. We had a 2pm wedding on a Friday and it gave a lot of people an excuse to:

    1. Leave work early to attend …
    2. Blow it off because it was at 2pm and inconvenient for them …

    Most seemed to choose option 2.


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