cheep thrills

chicken fluffy

Petite Fille has a chocolate free Easter. The closest we got to  chocolate was a delicious, chocolate mousse made with cocoa, banana and avocado. Better than any mousse I have  ever eaten!

So, apart from books, we gave Petite Fille three little, fluffy, wind up chickens. We spent Easter listening to her delighted laughter as the three chickens; pink, yellow and blue, danced about the floor.

Next day, when we went to the care home to visit Great Grandma FD, Petite Fille took the little chickens in her bag, and danced about the floor of GGFD’s bedroom with them. GGFD did not take her eyes from Petite Fille the entire time, and uttered over and over again, “What a beautiful child!” When I reminded her that PF was her great granddaughter she beamed. Those Flamingo Dancer genes run deep!

Better than any chocolate egg.


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