Is a turtle in the pond worth two ducks on the creek bank?

turtles 2

Bread in hand, Petite Fille and I wandered down to the park, which has a creek running though it. Despite living in The Village for over two years, this was the first day I had actually visited the park. I know, sacrebleu!

I was hoping to find ducks, but just in case they had all headed north for the winter ( well, the three weeks of real winter we get, sometime) we billed it as “Going on a duck hunt”.

Our luck was in, not only were there ducks on the water, but turtles, dozens of turtles in the water, as well!

We stood on the foot bridge that ran over the creek and threw our bread into the water below, and were able to see big turtles, middle sized turtles and baby turtles all scrambling to the surface for the treat.

I have to admit that Grandma may have been slightly, okay, a whole lot, more excited than Petite Fille, at the sight of the turtles. PF though really enjoyed poking her bread through the wire mesh sides of the bridge. Grandma with her height advantage didn’t have to negotiate any mesh. Sometimes age and size wins out!

Bread supplies exhausted we wandered back home for our afternoon naps.

It was a good day.

turtles 1


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