Is this in fact the work of God?


My sister, who is a far better person than I, attended the funeral of our aunt. In recent years, Sister, like the rest of the clan, has become a rather lapsed Catholic. However, on this occasion she decided to partake of communion.

Returning to her seat, she realised that the communion wafer was securely glued to the roof of her mouth. It took more than a little discreet work to pry it from its preferred position and when it did let go, it took areas of skin along with it.

An infection followed and a visit to the doctor ensued. Despite the explanation of the back story, the doctor surmised that it might in fact be cancer. Sister neither a smoker nor a drinker be.

An anxious few days until a second opinion from a dentist and another doctor. No cancer, just an infection and antibiotics should eventually clear it.


Now, is God sending Sister a message?

Or, has the Catholic Church outsourced its communion wafer making to a now frills lost cost Asian country where there are no food standards? Times are tough, so many law suits to pay, no artisan monks to make wafers… flour+water=glue.

Can she sue God for medical expenses?


19 thoughts on “Is this in fact the work of God?

  1. I think your sister should sue the Catholic Church for buying such crappy wafers. Honestly, standards are falling everywhere, including on the communion plate. At my church some people take it upon themselves to bake the communion bread because they cannot stand those papery thin wafers. (Which now come in a gluten-free variety, I was told. I imagine they are made from rice flour, which is even more sticky than wheat.)


  2. My husband and I just attended the funeral of his friend since childhood. We are not religious, so we stood and sat when told to, but did not kneel or take communion.

    It was all a bunch of hoo-hah in my not so humble opinion. And really…..the church should pay for your sister’s medical bills.


  3. “Jesus gave me cancer” would be such a cool story to tell, though.

    Not being Catholic or any “branch” that takes communion often (and when I have, it’s been in a small square thing and not a wafer) I have to ask – is it considered bad form to chew?

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