the placebo effect

glamour peek

There is so much going on in my life  and on the home front, that I find going to work on a Monday very difficult. So, I have started to make more of an effort.

Monday is now the day for one of my best outfits. Sometimes, I even clasp the pearls around the neck. Sleek, sophisticated, it means nothing to anyone else, except me and that is all that matters.

Wednesdays are “formal day” at our school where all students have to wear full day uniform. Absolutely no sports clothing. Teachers had also taken to dressing more formally on a Wednesday to model the correct behaviour for students, something many of them don’t get at home. Male teachers wear ties, in even the summer heat. Raise the bar, don’t lower it.

I like it, for not only does it make me feel better about myself and my work, but I think I teach better as well. I am more professional and more committed. I know, the clothes we wear are nothing more than a placebo but if it helps me hang onto the precipice a little bit longer, I am not going to dismiss it.

SELF- R E S P E C T gets me out the door and on the road again.



3 thoughts on “the placebo effect

  1. The teacher at the preK class I work with always wears professional-looking pantsuits and reminds the students to conduct themselves as if they were grown-ups. She told me when I first began working with her that many of the children never see at home or in their neighborhoods how working adults dress and act, so we must set an example for them. (Given the number of parents who deliver their tots to early-morning class while still wearing pajamas or gym clothes under a coat, this does not surprise me.) So no jeans or t-shirts unless it’s necessary, like the spring gardening unit we’ll be working on this week. I prefer a short-sleeved blouse under a cardigan or jacket, as it can get uncomfortably warm in the classroom, but this teacher has pushed me to think a little harder about the message my appearance gives to students. And yes, self-respect. Too many of the older students and their parents have forgotten about it already.

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  2. I worked in business and I agree. I always came in on a Monday dressed in my best “power” clothes. Always made me feel like I was starting off the week right. I once had a manager tell me he hated casual Fridays. He said that people seem to start the weekend early and don’t work that hard when they are in jeans and sandals.

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