who am I, what day is this, where is the exit?

pillow head

Mother Flamingo Dancer has improved today; more lucid and sitting up in bed longer.  She took some broth, jelly and juice. Tomorrow she is scheduled to commence physiotherapy to help clear her chest.

I kind of hit the preverbal wall today, and slept for large periods of the day. The past 10 days have just been chaotic, and more than a little stressful; so before confronting another week of work I just needed to refill my energy levels and refresh my coping skills.

My aunt, one of Mum’s six sisters and my “favourite” aunt, has been in constant contact which has been so lovely. Poor dear, at the moment she has an older sister, Mum, in hospital in one city and another younger sister, the baby of Mum’s family, in another hospital in a different city. That aunt has had a large growth removed from her bowel. waiting on tests results for that one. They are all getting old…

Tomorrow is another day, another work week. Four weeks of school term until Easter break, and Daughter2’s wedding. Bring it on!


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